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Support me Running the Yosemite Half Marathon!

Drew Woodward

Drew Woodward

Greetings all and thank you for visiting my web page!

On May 9, I'll be running the Yosemite Half Marathon with Team Sierra of the Sierra Club. I've always considered myself tremendously lucky growing up in the Bay Area and surrounded by family and friends who love the outdoors. One such person was my Dad who, as many of you know, was a passionate hiker, backpacker, and skier and introduced me to what would become my own deep appreciation for the beauty--and importance--of the wonderful outdoors.

As a Sierra Club member himself, I'm excited to continue a family tradition of supporting an organization that works tirelessly to ensure majestic places like Yosemite are protected. So when I learned about the opportunity to run this race I thought: What better way to become more involved than to join Team Sierra and run a half marathon this summer!

As you consider making a contribution, I encourage you to reflect on an African proverb that has resonated with me for many years: "We did not inherit the Earth from our parents; we are borrowing it from our grandchildren." Please pitch in if you can to help ensure that the generations who come after us will have the same opportunities to enjoy the outdoors as we do.

Thanks so much for the consideration!!

All the best,

PS. If you'd like to learn more about Sierra Club's mission, check out sierraclub.org

PPS. In case you're wondering, my goal is to break 1 hour and 45 minutes, which comes out to running a roughly 8 minute mile pace. Here's to lots of training ahead!


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