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Taylor Floeck

Taylor Floeck

2019 Resolutions: Do good for others, care about the giant rock you're on, run more, be giving, find ways to be more connected with dad.

Bare with me here; this is for an important cause.

As many of you may know by now, the loss of my dad has been a treacherous journey. It was the loss of a soulmate, confidant, captain and friend, and one that I have not feared to express to the public. Grief is a dark, complex and unforgiving monster, and I myself was consumed by it.

Growing up, I urged to do everything he did, from riding motorcycles, to being the ultimate story-teller, to running and taking care of myself all because of his outlook on life. The conversations we held while watching Forrest Gump (my favorite) run through endless valleys and scenic routes inspired me to one day do the same, and I vowed to do it in my life time.

On the day of my first trail half, the crack in his voice that exploded with pride and excitement once I crossed the finish line still brings me to tears. We had plotted and planned together my training and shared our mutual love for the feeling of flying that comes with a run, and I couldn't wait to share with him my victory on that day, essentially running toward the finish just to call him. I lost him 10 days later.

I have learned through painful trial and error my ways of connection to him that are more joyous than agonizing, all of which have been a difficult process, but landed where I sensed (and maybe he sensed, too) it would; Running.

I'm incredibly honored to say that I am continuing to carry that vow. For me and for him. For my love of nature. For my 10-year old self diagnosed with a heart disease that questioned my ability for activity once upon a time. For my healing through grief. For everyone who has ever lost someone and missed them every second, yearning to connect with them again. For our mother earth, which is one of the coolest opportunities of all.

This May, I've committed to running the Yosemite Valley Half Marathon, all in which is dependent upon my fundraising goal that goes towards the conservation of the Sierra National Forest and Yosemite as a whole. So, internet community of however many humans, I am overjoyed to ask you to help me get there.

It is difficult to put to words how full my heart is for this opportunity to run in the sunshine through one of the most beautiful valleys we have around. It is a place that I know he will be running alongside me, and it deserves to be protected. On behalf of me, and the planet, though I can't fully speak for her, thank you and thank you again for even reading this whole thing, and for donating anything at all, big or small, to help me accomplish this. Though the distance is no wild feat, it is the moral that is massive.

This one's for you, dad. Let's run Yosemite.

Not all races are alike – some have a more challenging course, some have beautiful scenery, and this next race I’m taking on is one with a purpose.

This is the most important race of my life because I’m raising funds for the Sierra Club. Nature’s done good by me, and now it’s my turn to be doing good by nature. You don't always get to make a difference when you race, but with Team Sierra, you can.

I care about the places we live, and the funds you donate will enable the Sierra Club to do things like:
• Provide cleaner, cheaper, energy.
• Protect our land, water, and air – from our backyards to the other side of the globe.
• Save animals being threatened with extinction.
• Make the outdoors accessible for all of us.

I know they’re going to take the funds we raised and use them to have the biggest impact on the issues we care about.

My goal is , please help me cross the finish line by making a donation. And when you do, let me know why you care about doing good by nature in the “Words of Encouragement” box. I would love to hear from you!

This is important to me because the Sierra Club is making our communities better – they’re protecting natural places near cities and suburbs and working hard to ensure clean air and water for all. I want to help them succeed.

If you'd like to learn more about their mission, you can check out sierraclub.org, or participate in their campaigns at addup.org!

Thanks so much!

P.S. I was amazed that Sierra Club has been saving our environment for the last 125 years! They are determined, focused, and need our help!


raised of $1,000 goal


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3. Philip Terry
Taylor, I'm so proud of you! Eileen and I will be with you in spirit every step of your run in this beautiful place. It's for such an important cause and it honors a wonderful man. We miss him! Love, Phil and Eileen Terry
4. Joseph Kennedy
Ms Taylor your Dad would be so proud You go girl Jay K
5. Anonymous
6. Joseph Fazio
Taylor's Dad was an amazing guy. I am pleased to support her efforts.