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Elizabeth Ward

Elizabeth Ward

When I was in 5th Grade, a few friends and I used to spend one recess per week picking up litter with my friends as part of our group that we called, "Earth Picker-Uppers". I've always known that we had a responsibility to care for the planet. As I studied how politics worked, I knew we had to do much more than just pick up litter, but doing that bigger work is a lot more difficult.

It wasn't until college that I discovered the Sierra Club. That's where I learned that activism and advocacy is the equivalent of picking up trash when we're fighting big, broad problems, like climate change, environmental injustice, a transportation sector that ruins communities, and more. These are big problems. Sierra Club has big solutions. Implementing these solutions takes everyone, everywhere.

Our work at the Sierra Club works to engage everyone, everywhere in speaking out about things that matter. That includes advocating locally for clean energy, calling on the utilities to get rid of their coal plants, supporting the expansion of transit systems, and more.

Currently, we engage people around the state to:
• Protect our land, water, and air – from our backyards to the northwoods.
• Make the outdoors accessible for all of us.
• Advocate for the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

My goal is $500, please help me reach my summit by making a donation. And when you do, let me know why you care about doing good by nature in the “Words of Encouragement” box. I would love to hear from you!

If you'd like to learn more about our mission or campaigns, you can check out sierraclub.org/wisconsin, or participate in their campaigns at addup.org!

Thanks so much!

P.S. I am constantly amazed by the work that is being done all across Wisconsin every day. Every dollar that is donated is spent in a way that is used incredibly effectively. The amount of work that is done for our budget is amazing!


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Proud of all the work Elizabeth Ward does! Keep up the important work.
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