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Clean Energy Team

Clean Energy Team

Welcome to the Sierra Club John Muir Chapter's Clean Energy Team! Thanks for visiting our page. As members of the Clean Energy Team, we are working tirelessly to transition Wisconsin to one hundred percent renewable energy. The days of fossil fuels are over, and it's time to close all the coal plants in our state.

The facts are clear: renewable energy-including solar, wind, and water power-is cheaper for our pocketbooks, healthier for people, and critical to reducing carbon emissions and halting climate change. It's a trifecta: renewable energy is better for our pocketbooks, our health, and our planet.

As part of moving Wisconsin beyond coal, we advocate for utilities to put the best interests of Wisconsinites and our planet ahead of short term shareholder profits. We are an active group that works hard to let utility companies hear loud and clear that people in Wisconsin deserve clean energy!

Please support us in our work! As volunteers, we collect petition signatures and deliver petitions to utilities. We write press releases, hold press conferences, and pitch stories to the media. We educate people about the benefits of clean energy. Our goal is to raise $2,000. We thank you in advance for your contributions.


The Clean Energy Team

Thanks so much!
Clean Energy Team


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1. Anonymous
"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." -John Muir It's so important now more than ever to protect our natural world!
2. Anonymous
3. Pat Wilson
4. Anonymous
Great job you guys! Keep it up!
5. Don Ferber
We have to get off coal and other fossil fuels as rapidly as possible. Our team in Wisconsin has been doing great work to help make that occur here.
6. Elizabeth Ward
Thank you for everything you do to protect our future!