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February 27 is International Day of the Polar Bear. As the Arctic sea ice continues to melt from rising temperatures, the Polar Bears are losing their homes and the population is growing increasingly vulnerable. At Sierra Club, we’re working hard to protect Polar Bears and all of our planet’s vulnerable species.

Now more than ever, it's critical to help protect our vulnerable species. The Endangered Species Act is in jeopardy, and we need to work together to ensure it doesn't get eliminated. The Endangered Species Act has saved over 1400 species of plants and wildlife in its 46-year history, it’s critical to our country. Raising money for Sierra Club will help support work like conservation efforts in wild places, acting for climate solutions to keep our planet healthy, and mobilizing grassroots groups across the country to keep protections in place. 

Create your fundraising page with lions, tigers, and bears in mind and let people know why you're raising money and spreading awareness for vulnerable species. When you raise $39 or more, you'll earn the chance to symbolically adopt a wild animal!
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Black bears, red foxes, and snowy owls -- they all need our help.  Which species will you raise money on behalf of?*

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Let everyone know why you want to protect vulnerable species and how they can help.

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Raise money to earn the chance to adopt your choice of a wild animal when you pass the $39 milestone. 

*Please note that funds will go towards Sierra Club's general mission, which includes protecting vulnerable wildlife and the wildlands they inhabit. Funds cannot be designated toward a particular species preservation initiative.




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