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Make Virginia Sustainably Beautiful

Karly Korbe

Karly Korbe

Not all outings are alike – some have amazing views, some require lots of work to reach the summit, and some are taken with greater purpose.

For 125 years the Sierra Club has been fighting to protect clean air, clean water, and pristine wilderness for all people. I hope to raise funds to help the Sierra Club continue with their missions and campaigns to better our environment!

I grew up in Virginia Beach, and have lived in the New River Valley area for the past 4 and a half years. I have developed an appreciation for both of these naturally beautiful and different areas of the state. I now have a greater appreciation for the well being of our beautiful commonwealth and the various opportunities and happiness its outdoors can offer. I would enjoy nothing more than to see these beautiful communities and environments saved from any disruption of their well-being. I hope to raise funds to help the Virginia Chapter save these regions and accomplish their goals in

- Fighting for Clean Water (sierraclub.org/virginia/offshore-drilling)
- Fighting for Clean Air (sierraclub.org/virginia/coal-dust)
- Advocating for Environmental Justice (sierraclub.org/virginia/environmental-justice)
- Achieving means of Clean Energy
( sierraclub.org/virginia/100-clean-energy)
- Stopping both the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline ( sierraclub.org/virginia/vapipelines)

You can find out more about the Virginia Chapter's current campaigns and priorities by visiting sierraclub.org/virginia

If you would like to personally lend a hand in helping one of the oldest and largest environmental foundations achieve their environmental goals to make the environment a beautiful and healthy place for everyone, a donation would be incredibly appreciated. My goal is $100 and it would be so awesome to achieve it!

Help me make a difference by donating to my campaign, or create your own page at teamsierra.org/virginia.

Thanks for visiting my page! This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!

Best - Karly :)

P.S. If you'd like to leave a small note with your donation you can do so in the message box!


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