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My 10 Wild Weekends Fundraising Page

Lynn Godfrey

Lynn Godfrey

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Why is a healthy environment important to you?
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Who has inspired you to care about the environment and how? 
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I joined the 10 Wild Weekends challenge to Celebrate Youth Leadership! I believe that youth are effective leaders in the movement for climate justice. It's essential to listen to and include them as we envision a world that is sustainable and just. I want to do something about this, and not just talk about it. That's why I got involved with Sierra Club and believe in being active in my community; to me, participating in our democracy and protecting the environment go hand in hand. Even a few people can make a world of difference, and, right now, it’s the world that’s at stake. The environment can't protect itself. 

I've committed to do a 10k walk in my community this summer to raise $1,000 for this great cause. Please make a donation to help me reach my goal. Every dollar I raise will help sustain local work to build an inclusive and powerful movement for climate solutions and environmental justice.

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