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Team Sierra Logo & Usage Guidelines

Please refer to this guide to help you create materials using the Team Sierra brand for your fundraiser.

Are you authorized?

The purpose of this Style Guide is to support the work of volunteers who are raising money to benefit the Sierra Club as part of Team Sierra, and have agreed to the Volunteer Fundraiser Agreement during the signup process. It does not, on its own, grant you permission to use our logos. Vendors, partners, contractors, and other third parties must have a written contract or permission specifically authorizing such use. For questions, volunteers should consult Team Sierra Strategist Jenny Muschinske at jenny.muschinske@sierraclub.org.

What are the rules?

  • Always follow this style guide.
  • When you register for Team Sierra, you are agreeing to our terms of logo usage. Never use a logo unless you are a registered participant.
  • Never misuse a logo or bring it or Sierra Club into disrepute.
  • Use the logo only in a manner consistent with Sierra Club’s mission.
  • Never use a logo for commercial purposes, without written permission.
  • If you have a written contract or permission with Sierra Club, the terms of that authorization take priority       over these rules.
  • Don't add to or subtract from the logo. 
  • Don't change the layout of the logo's text or alter its appearance. 
  • Don't stretch the logo or change it proportions. 
  • White space around a logo is important because it shows that it is unique; that it is not another designed element on the page. Showing the logo respect by giving it space strengthens the brand.
  • Don’t place other elements too close to the logo.
  • Don’t place the logo too close to an edge.
  • Don’t place on a busy background.
  • Don’t add a glow, drop shadow, or outline.

By using these logos, you also acknowledge that Sierra Club is their sole owner, and promise not to interfere in any way with Sierra Club’s rights in them. All goodwill derived from your use of the logos accrues to Sierra Club. Sierra Club has the absolute right to revoke permission to use its logos at any time, with or without a reason.

What logo can I use to promote my fundraiser?

You may use the “Benefiting Sierra Club” and "Team Sierra" logos when promoting your event.


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You are not permitted to use the official Sierra Club logo or imply that the Sierra Club is hosting, partnering, or sponsoring your event. 

Sierra Club logo not permitted for use

Language to use in promotion:

When promoting your event, please use the following language:

I am fundraising as a part of Team Sierra to benefit the Sierra Club, an environmental organization dedicated to explore, enjoy and protect our planet.

When promoting proceeds, please use the following language:

The proceeds from my fundraiser will benefit the Sierra Club, an environmental organization dedicated to explore, enjoy and protect our planet.