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As you plan your outdoor adventures this summer, you can join our Outdoor Challenge! Sierra Club’s mission is to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet. When you complete one of these themed activities and raise $100, you’ll receive a digital badge on your fundraising page and a collector’s badge in the mail.*

The challenge lasts until August 10, and then you can join us for one last challenge -- our virtual party on National S'Mores Day! 

BONUS: Complete exploring, enjoying, and protecting the planet by August 10, raise $400, and you'll get our exclusive Team Sierra badge. 



1. Go for a hike and explore nature
2. Summit the highest peak in your state
3. Try out a new summer activity -- paddle board, kayak, bike


1. Join National S'mores Day on August 10 
2. Go camping somewhere new
3. Bird-a-thon: bird watching with donation pledges for every bird you spot  


1. Participate in a local trail, beach, or park clean-up
2. Plant something native 
3. Go car free for a full day


*The digital badges will show up on your fundraising page for every $100 you raise (in the order of explore, enjoy, and protect). When the campaign ends, you'll receive a survey to redeem (or opt out) or your physical badges. They will be mailed after August 10 in one shipment.

Let's Reach our Goal of $10,000


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