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Hiking Mt. Major to support Team Sierra

Sydney Paul

Sydney Paul

Today, there are serious challenges ahead: a warming climate, unprecedented levels of pollution, and powerful special interests undermining basic protections. There’s no time to waste in coming together for new solutions—which is why the Sierra Club is bringing people together to build the most powerful and effective environmental movement the world has ever seen.

In the fall, I will begin my sophomore year at Bates College where I’m double majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies. This past year, my eyes have been open to the climate crisis. While the task of climate change might seem daunting, we can take small, everyday actions to make a difference. There are a lot of small actions we can take like bringing a reusable cup to get coffee, eliminating red meat from ones diet to reduce methane, or biking instead of driving. It’s a great start, but there is more we can do. By supporting the Sierra Club, they help local communities transition to 100% renewable energy and combat rising temperatures.

On Sunday, August 25th, I’m going to be taking a hike up Mt. Major near Lake Winnipesaukee to raise awareness for the Sierra Club and the amazing work they’re doing to combat climate change.

In addition, I’m joining forces with Positive Tracks - an organization that teaches young people to sweat for good.

Through their Positive Tracks’ Challenge Program, they are helping me organize a hike up Mt. Major, providing mentorship and doubling dollars up to $300 to benefit the Sierra Club.

I’m hoping to raise $500 to support the Sierra Club’s mission. If you would like to join me in supporting their amazing work, any small contribution will make a difference in the fight against climate change.



raised of $500 goal


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