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Andrew Stohner

Andrew Stohner

It's been a year since I broke my ankle and had reconstructive surgery to put myself together again. The recovery and physical therapy has been a struggle at times, but I've been enjoying being back out the past few weeks, and want to keep it going!

With that, I'm participating on behalf of Outdoor Project to support the Sierra Club, an organization I have a lot of respect for. I've committed to hiking a minimum of 30 miles in the month of October to raise awareness and funding for Sierra Club and their active campaigns. Together, the Outdoor Project and our friends are aiming to donate $10,000 to Sierra Club through our campaign!

What I'm asking of friends and family is to help in one of 2 ways:

(1) Donate to my self-challenge to hike thirty (or more) miles this month. This can be any donation amount you'd like to give. My personal goal is to raise $1,000. You've made it to the donation page already-- please consider giving! I'd really appreciate your support!

(2) You can challenge me by creating your own account, and get others to donate / encourage you! This is probably the best bet, as everyone wins! To make it more interesting, I'll offer a bottle of whiskey to the friend who hikes the most in October. You need to have an active account through this website to win!
To create your own campaign, create an account here: teamsierra.org/30dayhikechallenge

*Semi-optional third option... come on a hike with me. Still fun. Slightly less give-back-y.

Interested? Questions? Let me know.

Together, we're more powerful. Let's do something awesome!


October is full of challenges! After putting 4 additional miles in last Thursday-- I fell sick on Friday, and had to skip out on weekend trip plans to get into full recovery mode. I'm getting closer to healthy-- and at 20 miles... have to finish strong this week and weekend to achieve my 30 mile goal. The weather and sickness have been a burden this month-- but I know I can finish it out. Planning is underway for the best finish to October I can! Thanks for supporting me! Thanks for reading about Sierra Club! Thanks for getting out on your own!


Enjoying great company and great views

Sunrise behind Mt Adams

Continuing on my journey to get to 30 miles this month-- and not letting snow get in our way! We had originally hoped to get across Whittier Ridge this weekend in the Mt Margaret backcountry, but after a couple feet of snowfall, adjusted our trip to get up to Mt Margaret itself and take in the views from our camp. We put in about 10 miles round trip, and the weather really gave us a show! Watching the sunset as clouds rolled in, setting up camp on the ridgeline, and enjoying the sunrise the next day. And the company of friends couldn't be beat! My first snow camp excursion of the year, and definitely not the last-- I'm looking forward to carrying this energy forward throughout the winter! Thanks so much for your ongoing support! I'm at 16 miles and counting-- aiming to finish the month strong!

Sharing the Mt Margaret Backcountry experience with friends -- Dave seems to approve!!!

Evening glow of clouds over Mt Margaret


October is off and running--- and the 30 mile campaign is underway with the help of my friends! We made a trip to the Bend/Redmond area last weekend, with the goal of hiking to the summit of South Sister. We aimed for a Saturday summit push, as the weather looked best. Unfortunately, by the time we were at treeline, we ran into freezing rains, 35mph winds, and low visibility. Although there was a valiant effort made, we had to cut our trip short after only 6 total miles. However, it was a great start to the October campaign, and fun to be out with friends engaging in some Type II fun!!! This week, a few of us are making a trip to the Mt Margaret Backcountry Lakes in Washington, in the blast zone of Mt St Helens. Updates to come! Thanks for reading, and thanks so so much for your support! It means the world to me! Andrew


raised of $1,000 goal

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Way to go Andrew! Hope you made it to 30 with all of those challenges! Love, Aunt Pam
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Hey Man, You rock the haus. Hope you crush it up there on the meowtains. Hope to see you soon! Jesse
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Way to send, Andrew!
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