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I hike for Team Sierra

Seth Smigelski

Seth Smigelski

If the planet could talk, it would say "ouch, stop walking on me!" I am not just hiking on the planet, I'm hiking on behalf of the planet.

The outdoors has given me so much joy and enrichment. I created hikespeak.com to share that love of nature with others and make it easy for other people to get outdoors too. I am using Team Sierra to give back to the outdoors.

I support the Sierra Club and the environmental actions they are taking to protect the planet and encourage outdoor enjoyment. I'm pledging to donate two bucks every time I go for a hike (but in batches to avoid card processing fees). It’s a simple gesture of my commitment to the planet. If you're concerned about Earth's future (P.S. you should be) please consider joining GROUP HIKESPEAK (link to the right) and donating to our campaign to support the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club works to make the outdoors accessible for all of us, which is something we appreciate greatly at hikespeak. The Sierra Club also works to promote renewable energy, battle climate change, and ensure that American's have access to safe air and water.

Team Sierra is putting the power in our hands to fight for the planet we love. Please join me.


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1. Better World Energy
Thanks Hikespeak for this opportunity to promote the environment by supporting the Sierra Club!
2. Seth Smigelski
Earth - We love it. We need it. We fight for it.

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