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Hiking For Change

Kevin Mallory

Kevin Mallory

Since I was a child, nature has always had a special draw for me. The combination of order and chaos in the natural world creates incomparable beauty and wonder. Mountains, waterfalls, interesting flora, amazing fauna. Sometimes a short walk outside is all I need to deal with the stresses of modern, civilized life. However, danger is looming!

The latest IPCC climate report revealed that the earth faces catastrophic warming and storms if drastic measures aren't taken in the very near future. Fluorescent bulbs aren't enough, so I'm hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to raise awareness and funds for the cause of saving our only planet. For 5 months this year, I will be enduring physical and mental challenges to backpack 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada. I'm hiking the PCT to raise change to fight climate change.

I've chosen the Sierra Club as my primary charity, because of their track record of 125 years working to :
• Provide cleaner, cheaper, energy.
• Protect our land, water, and air.
• Save animals being threatened with extinction.
• Make the outdoors accessible for all of us.

Since I'm planning on hiking 2,650 miles, my goal is to raise $2,650. That's $1 a mile. If 100 friends and family each pledge 1 penny per mile ($26.50 total), I will make my financial goal. Are you willing to pledge a penny for each mile I hike?

To provide emotional support and follow my progress, please check out my hiking blog (hikingforchange.blogspot.com) or my FaceBook music page (facebook.com/Kevin-Mallory-Music-1035034253296792) and GPS map (https://us0-share.inreach.garmin.com/KMPCT). Together we can keep our world livable and let our children, grandchildren, etc. enjoy nature the same way we do!

Thanks so much for your support and effort in this cause!
Kevin Mallory


The Sierra were rough! I've battled through sunburns, frostbite, snow blindness and liver infection! But I've completed the High Sierras of Central California and am moving north. While I continue to make miles, inching my way towards Canada, we need to raise more money towards my goal. Have you donated? Have you shared on social media? Thanks for you help! Kevin


Sunrise from Sonora Pass.

Snowy Panorama from Silver Pass.

In front of the shelter on top of Muir Pass.

Sunrise at Pinchot Pass.

Ascending Forester Pass, highest point on the PCT.

At the summit of Mt. Whitney, highest point in the lower 48!!!

Southern Sierras at dawn.


5/12/19 - I have reached Tehachapi at 566 miles and completed the southern section of California. Soon I will be in the wintry wonderland of the Sierras and experience a solid month of snow hiking and mountaineering. I'm proud of how far I've come AND how much money we've raised, but I'm not finished. I hope to add many more miles and many more dollars! Kevin

Above the clouds in the San Gabriel Mountains

Chasing rainbows on the PCT

Crossing Whitewater Creek

Baby rattlesnake on PCT

Me at summit of Mt. San Jacinto

Southern Terminus of PCT - 4/07

Southern Terminus of PCT - 4/07


Follow my progress on my GPS mapshare page! You can check daily, weekly or monthly and see where I'm at. :) https://us0-share.inreach.garmin.com/KMPCT


Which will take more scratches, the sticker or me?

Gear testing on Appalachian Trail in February.

Muddy river crossing in Vilas, NC.

Chilly family walk in Vilas, NC.

Enjoying a January arctic blast in Vilas, NC.


raised of $2,650 goal


Recent Donations

1. Anonymous
2. Gloria Kemp
Keep Doing good by nature in all things to preserve for everyone and future generations.
3. Marijo Duprey
4. Anonymous
Go Kevin! I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about your adventure, and am anxious to meet the man at the end of the trail (different from the one who started).
5. Janet L Kipp
Safe Trekking, Kevin!
6. The Kobašlija family
Good luck on this awesome adventure my friend! Hoping for great weather along the way all to the Canadian border!