I've made the extremely difficult decision to cancel my thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail this year amid all that's going on in the country right now. After taking into consideration guidance from the Pacific Crest Trail Association and National Forest Service I think that socially responsible thing to do is stay at home and avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19 to the more isolated communities along the trail that don't have the health care resources that larger cities do. While I've spent so much time planning and preparing for this hike I realize it's ultimately a luxury and privilege to be able to attempt to hike it and not a necessity. The trail will be there the next year and the year after that or for whenever the timing is right. I want to thank everyone who showed support and shared words of encouragement during my planning of the trip. It meant more than you could know. I also want to give a huge thanks to all those who donated to my fundraiser for the Sierra Club. Taking care of our environment and the outdoor spaces we love is still a cause I strongly believe in and if people would still like to donate, my fundraising page will be open until the end of the year. Wishing that everybody stays safe in this time of uncertainty