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Melissa Reifendifer

Melissa Reifendifer

I joined Team Sierra, Sierra Club's fundraising program. I'm concerned about the future of our planet, and I want to do something about it. So I’ve committed to raise $500 to support the Sierra Club and protect our planet.

Will you join me and make a donation to help me reach my goal? Every dollar adds up and makes a difference. 

This is important to me because we’re witnessing a climate crisis -- from record-breaking temperatures to longer wildfire seasons to more severe hurricanes. And according to the UN, we only have 9 years to prevent irreversible damage to our future. The money we raise together will support many of Sierra Club's initiatives to advance climate solutions, like retiring coal plants, moving away from fossil fuels, and transitioning to clean energy, like solar and wind. 

You can read more about their work to fight the climate crisis.

Thanks so much for your support, 



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