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Choose Your Own Adventure

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    Choose Your Own Adventure

Thousands of you have created fundraisers raising millions of dollar for climate action. If this is your first time here, welcome! If you're coming back, thanks for continue to advocate for the planet!

So, what can you do raise money for the Sierra Club? We've got some ideas!

Host a beach clean-up party, join your local 10K, get festive and create a holiday fundraiser, pledge an hour for every dollar raised to planting trees in your community -- choose an activity that interests you and do some good along with it!




There's no stupid ideas.
Live in your kids’ treehouse for a week. Challenge your donors to pick a hair color, and make good on the top giver’s choice. Get creative to stand up for the environment.


Make it a Group Effort.
Everyone in beards! Chile-eating contest! Motivate your friends and loved ones to get involved, and multiply your impact on the Sierra Club’s work on behalf of clean air, water and energy.

Sock puppet

Sock it to ‘Em.
Aimee practiced bass for 60 hours in 30 days. Stacey pledged a sock puppet resembling each of her donors’ pets. Put your own interests behind saving the planet we love.



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