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Donate to support the Sierra Club in Memory of Bob Mackesy

Created by Robert Mackesy

Robert Mackesy

There are many ways to leave a legacy. Providing breathable air, drinkable water, and protecting our planet for future generations seems like the perfect way to celebrate a life.

The funds you donate will enable the Sierra Club to do things like:
• Provide cleaner, cheaper, energy.
• Protect our land, water, and air – from our backyards to the other side of the globe.
• Save animals being threatened with extinction.
• Make the outdoors accessible for all of us.

I know they’re going to take the funds we raised and use them to have the biggest impact on the issues we care about.

Thank you so much for contributing to this important cause in Bob's memory. We will remember him as we see the green earth.

Thanks so much!


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Recent Donations

1. Eliane Nobile
In loving honor to a dear, kind and wonderful person which I was blessed to have as a friend. His generous heart, love of life, nature and animals showed what a beautiful soul he was. He is so loved, and will be in our hearts forever. Love you Carmen.
2. Fedele Family & Golden Sands
Sharing in your sorrow. With love and friendship.
3. Michelle McLean
In memory of a wonderful human being that always lived life to the fullest. Thank you for all you have done for me and so many others. Your generosity and love of life were true examples of your kind and wonderful spirit. I will truly miss you forever.
4. Mary Ellen Del Valle - also in memory of Rick Quinn
Bob's memory and love of life and nature will live on in our hearts and by the beautiful contributions to nature he and Carmen have made all over South Florida through their company, Southern Blossoms, and the gorgeous property they shared in the Redlands. Rest in peace my dear friend!
5. Weldon Dean Parks
Dearest Carmen, Thinking of the wonderful times we enjoyed walking and hiking with you & Bob in so many foreign lands. We enjoyed the animals, theland, the sea and the air with you and Bob all over the world. He taught us so much about enjoying every moment. We miss Bob so much and we know he would want us all to travel together again and get out there and enjoy every second. We look forward to the day we can be with you and keep his memory alive by laughing and power walking. We love you, Carmen.
6. Marilyn Noguera
On behalf of Mom, Dad, and myself, we are honored to contribute to helping to save our natural world and honor Bob's kind and generous spirit and his love for Carmen and life.
7. David Caplan
8. Howard & Joni Khani
in memory of a fascinating and kind man that we were honored to know. with much love....
9. Joseph & Sophia Cicilioni
Dearest Carmen - Bob will forever live on in our hearts and fond memories and in the beauty of nature that surrounds us. All our love, Joe & Sophia
10. Michael Mayer And Family
A special person, a world traveler, a dearly missed Friend.
11. Neil Schuster
What a wonderful journey to have Bob as a friend and a continuing journey with you, Carmen, as our friend. One great memory, our trip to Northern California, the Vineyards, canoeing down the river, Mendocino, a lot of smiles and laughs with the best companions. We will all miss Bob but are better from each moment together.
12. Carmen Von Feilitzen
With love