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Help East Chicago Get Clean Water

East Chicago Water Drive


East Chicago, IN -- just 25 miles from Chicago -- is facing a water crisis.(1) The EPA estimates up to 90% of households are at risk of lead exposure.(2) Residents have been organizing relentlessly to address this and other environmental injustices in their community.(3) Let’s support our neighbors by helping to ensure that until this crisis is fully addressed, they have access to clean, drinkable water.

Please participate in our water drive! Throughout the month of July, we’ll be collecting water, replacement filter cartridges, and funds to purchase both. Then at the end of July we’ll drop off all donations in East Chicago where residents have been distributing clean water and filters to churches and the homebound.

What to donate:

Bottled water OR filter cartridge replacements (a number of the most impacted households have received filters, but need replacement cartridges. Please purchase PUR Max Ion (rf- 3375).

- OR -

Provide a monetary donation on this page, which will be directly used for purchasing bottled water and replacement filters for East Chicago.

Where to donate:

You can make monetary donations right here on this page.

- OR -

Bring bottled water and filter donations to 70 E Lake St, Suite 1500 in Chicago.

When to donate:

Come by M-F 10 am-6 pm before the end of July. If you can’t make it during those windows, email katrina.phillips@sierraclub.org to arrange a separate time to drop off donations.

Delivery to East Chicago: We’ll drop off water on a weekday in late July/Early August. If you’re available to help loading cars, or help drive, please contact Katrina Phillips: katrina.phillips@sierraclub.org

We know that long-term, we MUST have robust investment in our public water systems, strong public health protections, and a well-funded Environmental Protection Agency--all serving the voices, concerns, and demands, of the communities.

We realize bottled water (and even home water filters) are NOT a long-term solution for any of our communities. In the meantime, we want to support the vital organizing work, and urgent needs of East Chicago residents by being one of a number of parties helping to provide this resource.

Thank you to the Community Strategy Group for keeping us updated on the situation and needs of the community.

Thank you for your help,
Illinois Sierra Club staff & volunteers

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