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Megan Leahy

Megan Leahy

This September, I'll be running the Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon with Team Sierra. While the race itself will be beautiful, I'm running for more than just the accomplishment. As part of Team Sierra, I'll be fundraising for the Sierra Club.

My love for nature and the wildlife that calls it home cannot be overstated. It is so important to me that we all work towards a healthier future by protecting and respecting our planet and developing more sustainable infrastructure and habits. The Sierra Club's mission is to do just that, while making sure this greener future is accessible to everyone.

By donating even a small amount, you'll be helping to:
• Protect our land, water, and air– from our own backyards to our
National Parks and public lands
• Defend wildlife and save species threatened with extinction
• Support the transition to clean, renewable, and affordable energy
• Make the outdoors accessible for everyone

The Sierra Club has been working to save our environment for the past 125 years. They’re protecting natural places near cities and suburbs and working hard to ensure clean air and water for all. I want to do my part and support their incredibly necessary and important work.

My goal is to raise $1000 by the end of August. Any amount that you can donate will be so appreciated. And when you do, let me know why you care about doing good by nature in the “Words of Encouragement” box. I would love to hear from you!

We only have one planet, and we need to act soon. Let's protect it together and keep it healthy for the people enjoying it today and those who will depend on and enjoy it in the future.

If you'd like to learn more about their mission, you can check out sierraclub.org, or participate in their campaigns at addup.org!

Thanks so much!



raised of $1,000 goal


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Well done Megan. I'm proud of you!
2. Rachel Corr
Megan, you’re amazing!
3. Maria Evans
You go, girl! Take care of our world, Megan!
4. Jeff Garrigan
Go Nature!
5. Elizabeh Leahy
Enjoy all the beauty Megan!
6. Kevin And Lori Leahy
You will conquer this run. Fantastic job on getting to your goal. Love Mom and Dad.