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Celebrate Earth Month

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    Celebrate Earth Month

Earth Month is a meaningful month for our families, our friends and our planet. Over the years, tens of thousands of people across the country have joined together to celebrate their communities. 

At the Sierra Club, we believe in the power of together. Together, we hold the power to advance climate solutions, be in solidarity with allies in the fight for justice, restore the promise of our democracy, and protect our lands, water, air, and wildlife.

One thing is clear: to achieve these goals requires the efforts of more than just any one organization. It requires a movement. Movements endure because of people—people like you.

Earth Month happens only once a year, and it’s our biggest community fundraising event (with the coolest, most eco-friendly event tee). The money you raise funds our climate action and environmental justice initiatives, ensuring healthy and safe communities for everyone.

There’s so many ways that you can join Earth Month. Let’s dive in.




The Upcycled Tee.
This year, each shirt is unique – we’ve created upcycled tees made from vintage, overstock, or deadstock materials that would have been in a landfill otherwise. Get yours with a $39 donation.


The Fundraising Page
We know grassroots fundraising works. People are more likely to join the cause and donate when they hear from you. So create a crowdfunding page and ask your friends and family to support your goal in honor of Earth Month.


The Day to Get Outside.
On April 22, get out in your community to pick up trash, plant a tree, or go for a hike (and wear your event tee!). Tag #TeamSierra for a chance to be highlighted on our social channels.






The crisis may feel daunting, but we can do something about it. There's many challenges ahead, but the funds you raise will help support our work with our chapters, groups, and outings leaders and partnering with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-led organizations and First Nations. By 2030 we will:

  1. Protect 30 percent of US lands and water.  

  2. Cut the nature equity gap in half.

  3. Restore access to clean air and water, provide affordable clean energy, support family sustaining jobs, and address inequities in our response to climate disruptions.  

  4. Transform our energy system by stopping the expansion of the oil and gas industry, replacing fossil fuels with clean energy, and shifting trillions of public and private dollars from the fossil fuel economy. . 

  5. Build power by diversifying and expanding our base of millions of members and supporters.  


Get Started

Art Gallery

We asked our supporters to share their creative side this Earth Day, and the above artwork is a sampling of the hundreds of beautiful submissions we received.

Artist Credit, in order.
Adrienne Scribner, Aileen Joy Kane, ALSXw, Amy E. Stein, Andreas Schmitz, Andrew Atkin, Angela Manno, Anna Zoeters, April Gawboy, Ashley Grano, Barbara Marrs, Barbara Reinhart, Bert Menco, Bonnie Riedinger, Brian Mitchell, Brian Sesack, Bridgett Aguirre, Bruce Melton, Carla Dago, 




Every day in April, we will offer you a challenge to learn how small changes can make a big impact for our planet. Check it out! Join our Facebook Community for daily reminders and to see what your fellow planet protectors are up to this month!

  1. 4/1: Join our Earth Month facebook group and introduce yourself!  

  2. 4/2: Walk or bike to do an errand you'd usually drive to.

  3. 4/3: Create an Earth Month fundraising page and ask 5 friends to make a donation on your behalf.  

  4. 4/4: Choose 2 items you no longer wear and donate them to a local organization. 

  5. 4/5: Switch all of your bills to paperless ebilling. 

  6. 4/6: Get creative with your recycling -- repurpose an item you'd usually throw out or toss in the recycling.

  7. 4/7: Check out Sierra Club's website to learn about what you're raising money to support.
  8. 4/8: Last day to order your Earth Month T-shirt and get it in time for Earth Day.

  9. 4/9: Research where in your community to properly dispose of things like batteries, light bulbs, or chemicals.

  10. 4/10: Check out Sierra Club's Earth Month virtual art gallery.
  11. 4/11: Research local officials and candidates to learn about their environmental platforms.
  12. 4/12: Try composting (pro tip: many farmers markets have a place to bring your compost).

  13. 4/13: Share your Earth Month fundraising page on social media.

  14. 4/14: Unplug everything you aren't using before you go to bed.

  15. 4/15: Cut your shower short by 2 minutes to save over a gallon of water per minute.

  16. 4/16: Take a completely unplugged 20 minute walk and focus on your surrounding environment.

  17. 4/17: Visit a local market or farm stand for fresh local produce.

  18. 4/18: Have a meatless Monday.

  19. 4/19: Check out a local park that you don't usually visit.

  20. 4/20: Embark on a 15 minute neighborhood trash pickup.

  21. 4/21: Check out the Earth Day eCards at teamsierra.org and send some to your friends!

  22. 4/22: Show us your corner! Get out for a hike, bike, trash pickup, or gardening session and snap a pic in your Earth Day tee!

  23. 4/23: Plant a native tree or flower.

  24. 4/24: Find a friend or neighbor to swap old or unused outdoor gear, toys, or clothes with.

  25. 4/25: Create a cleaning product with things you already have in your house (think vinegar, lemons, and baking soda) rather than using store bought chemicals.

  26. 4/26: Send a thank you to everyone that donated to your fundraiser.

  27. 4/27: Set up or redesign your at home recycling station to make it easy.

  28. 4/28: Cook a meal using a recipe from our friend at Zero Waste Chef.

  29. 4/29: Do a 5 minute outdoor meditation, stretching, or breathing session.
  30. 4/30: Reflect and celebrate!

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