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Parjit Kaur

Parjit Kaur

We are living through strange times. The economies of the world are shut down, the traffic has all but stopped, the streets are empty, and an invisible enemy threatens the lives and livelihoods of so many the world over. Indeed this is a time of hardship for many, but this is also a time for reflection and an opportunity to reconnect with Nature as well as find joy and purpose in protecting it. This year is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day which falls on April 22nd! Each year people join Team Sierra from all across the country to get out and give back to their corner of the world. This year, things look different because we are in the grip of a pandemic. But we're still finding ways to connect to nature and to one another. 

Although I am sequestered like the rest of the world, I consider myself fortunate because my third floor deck offers me a window to the natural world. I have always loved this little corner, but never before have I seen so many hawks, egrets, cardinals, blue jays, and woodpeckers in the canopy of the trees here. I also take walks in my neighborhood and connect with the fresh green spring beauty of trees, birds, and other critters on a daily basis. I count my blessings again and again and feel how magical and surreal is the world we live in. I'll continue to share my encounters with nature on this page here during this month.

If you can, please donate to support Sierra Club's work. You can do so on this page. Anyone who donates will get a beautiful 50th Anniversary t-shirt! The money raised helps Sierra Club do things like retire dirty coal plants, protect public lands, and make the outdoors more accessible for everyone. 

Happy Earth Month, 



These hanging seed-pods on a Sweet Gum tree always remind me of ornaments


Thought I will try my hand with these colors that Nature uses so beautifully!


Happy Earth Day!


Spring Beauty


Lucky to catch this cardinal in flight!


This raccoon climbed the tree to get a better view of the world around it. I saw him from my third floor deck, we locked eyes for a good 15 minutes!



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