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Virtual Activities

How much does it cost to join Earth Month activities?

It is free to join any of our virtual activities! Our schedule will be released on March 29, so please check back to learn which activities you can join. 

Where will the activities be hosted?

Many of our activities will be hosted on Instagram and Facebook Live, while some will be hosted on other platforms like Zoom. We will try to make the Instagram and Facebook videos available at a later date if you don't have an account or are unable to join.


How do I create a fundraising page?

You can create a fundraising page here.

What does a fundraising page look like?

Here's an example of a fundraising page.

I've never raised money before, where do I start?

You can use our fundraising toolkit, or email team.sierra@sierraclub.org, and someone from our team will set-up a time to help you!

I raised $39 on my fundraising page, how do I get my T-shirt?

Please search your e-mail for a message from ‘team.sierra@sierraclub.org’. This has instructions on ordering your shirt. Please check spam and promotions folders.

When I click the link that was emailed to me to order my shirt, the page says it's $39.

The link has a coupon that’s automatically applied to your cart. When you get to the checkout screen, your total will be $0 (unless you added other items from our store, then you’ll be charged accordingly for those).

What is the endurance tracker for?

You can use our endurance tracker to track minutes for any Earth Month activity you plan to do. These activities are self-led, and they can range from trash pick up, gardening, tree planting, hiking, time spent outdoors, or however you'd like to connect to nature. You'll receive access to this tracker when you register to create a fundraising page.

Where does the money go?

The money will support many of Sierra Club's initiatives like retiring coal plants, moving away from fossil fuels, and transitioning to clean energy, like solar and wind. Read more about the Sierra Club's mission.

Can I do my fundraising on Facebook?

You can share your Team Sierra fundraising page on Facebook (and we definitely encourage that), but you cannot use the Facebook Fundraising tool or add a 'Donate' button to your post. Because we are a 501c4 organization, Facebook doesn't allow us to use their fundraising tools. Money donated through Facebook Fundraising will not count towards your fundraising goal, as it goes to another (partner) organization, Sierra Club Foundation.

Earth Month T-shirt

I just want to buy the T-shirt, how do I do that?

You can purchase the T-shirt at the Sierra Club store with a $39 donation. The T-shirts are limited, and they are on a first-come, first-served basis. They take 10-14 business days to ship, and are shipped to US addresses only.

The size I want isn't available. Will you be getting more shirts?

No. Sizes are first-come, first-served.

What materials is the T-shirt made from?

The T-shirts are made as part of Marine Layer's Re-Spun program with 45% Recycled polyester, 30% Tencel® Lyocell (a sustainable fiber) and 25% Upcycled Cotton. 

Marine Layer is committed to keeping as many textiles out of landfills as they can. Re-Spun is how they make this happen — it starts with their tee recycling program and ends with their commitment to using recycled materials across their entire line.

Houdini Sportswear Fleece

Can you tell me more about the W's Mono Air Crew, like materials and other product details?

This product is circular, made of 73% recycled fibers and fully recyclable. The fabric is also Bluesign-certified, meaning that the production is vetted by a third party to eliminate any harmful chemicals or substances right from the beginning of the production process.  

Here's some more product details:
  • Color: True Black
  • Fabric composition: 73% recycled polyester, 27% elastrelle-polyester
  • Regular fit
  • Great warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Sheds 80% less microfibers compared to conventional fleece
  • Made from recycled and recyclable fibers
  • Bluesign® certified fabric
  • Weight women's medium: 322 g
  • Fabric produced in USA
  • Garment produced in Latvia
You can read more here.
Can you tell me more about the The M’s Outright Houdi, like materials and other product details?

The fabric for this garment is Bluesign® certified, meaning that the production is vetted by a third party to eliminate any harmful chemicals or substances right from the beginning of the production process.

Here's some more product details: 

  • Color: Folk Blue
  • Material specifications: 59% Polyester, 33% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
  • Weight: 170 g/sqm
  • Origin: Italy
  • Quick dry construction
  • Excellent breathability
  • Wicking microfleece inside
  • 4-way stretch
  • Durable polyamide face
  • Sewn in Lithuania (EU)
You can read more here.
Do you have a size guide?

Women's Size Guide:

Men's Size Guide: 

What are the terms and conditions? To sign up for this event, you must be at least 18 years of age. Everyone that participates must agree to our Acknowledgement, Assumptions of Risks, Release & Indemnity, and Binding Arbitration Agreement and Volunteer Fundraiser Agreement.

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