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Creating a Team to Celebrate Earth Day - Virtually!

Ariana Kaiser Varnum

Ariana Kaiser Varnum

It's my favorite time of year - EARTH MONTH! Typically, I celebrate by organizing an Earth Day hike and a corresponding fundraising campaign for the Sierra Club on this site.

But since spending time outside is a bit restricted this year, I'm trying something new - and opening it up to anyone, anywhere who wants to join in!

I'm calling it the 2020 Earth Day Wish List Challenge and here's what it is:

I recently became intrigued by the idea of creating a sort of "bucket list", or wish list, of all of the things I can't wait to do after this ordeal is over. Not surprisingly, a lot of the items on the list involve nature.

That's why I thought it would be fun to incorporate that wish list idea into this year's campaign AND invite fellow Earth lovers, near and far, to join me and do the same, all while raising funds to help the Sierra Club!

Here's how it will work:

1.) Each member who joins the team will share their own top 3 "wish list" activities they can't wait to do on the team campaign page:


The activities can be whatever we want them to be - big or small - as long as they somehow involve connecting with nature or helping our planet.

There's no time limit or deadline for when these goals need to be achieved - this is all for fun!

For example, the top 3 wish list goals I've chosen for myself are:

- Visiting the sand dunes in San Luis Obispo

- Visiting the nearby Huntington Library and Gardens

- Volunteering, in person, at a Sierra Club event within the next year.

2.) We'll then share our wish list and the fundraising campaign with our own friends and family and ask them to help us raise money for the Sierra Club. Our communal goal is $2,500.

3.) When we're able to get back outside, we'll check these activities off our lists and share pictures and anecdotes with our team members. This way, we'll continue to stay connected throughout the year and get to see our team members achieve their goals!

That's it! You just pick three things you can't wait to do, share those goals with friends and family, and ask them to contribute whatever they can to our group fundraising goal.

Wanna join us? Sign up here:


We'd love to have you! Feel free to reach out with any questions.

And if you're not interested in participating, please consider donating to the campaign while you're here - it really means the world to me!

Happy Earth Day!


Enjoying Nature in My Own Neighborhood!

Here we go! Here are my top 3 wish list activities - I've also shared them on the Team Campaign page: 1.) Zipping up the coast to visit the sand dunes in San Luis Obispo, where I'll also get to hug my Aunt Diana and Cousin David and breathe in some fresh seaside air. 2.) Visit the nearby Huntington Library and Gardens to see all the plants and flowers in bloom - oh how I hope they're still in bloom when I get there! 3.) Volunteering, in person, at a Sierra Club event within the next year. I can't wait to get out there and do these things and share my experiences with you all. What's on your list?



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