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Thanks for being a part of this year's Earth Month! If you weren't able to make one of our virtual activities in person, you can check out the recording below.

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Fermentation 101: From Cabbage to Sauerkraut with Anne-Marie Bonneau

About Anne-Marie Bonneau: 

Anne-Marie Bonneau writes the blog Zero-Waste Chef. She has lived plastic-free since 2011 and shows others how reducing their trash not only benefits the planet but also satisfies their taste buds, improves their well-being, and boosts their bank accounts. Her first book, The Zero-Waste Chef, will be out on April 13.
Drawing Class with MasPaz

About MasPaz:

MasPaz was born in Bogota, Colombia, adopted from La Casa De La Madre Y El Niño orphanage, to an American family, and raised in Washington, DC. In his home, his mother hung Colombian tapestries and shared her stories of the Peace Corps in Quibdo, Colombia, 1964. Her memories gave him a closer understanding to his Colombian roots.

His Latin American heritage guides his art today, as he explores themes of respect for Mother Earth and her indigenous peoples. MasPaz is a graduate of George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. His studio work, installations and gallery projects have been exhibited throughout the world most notably The Smithsonian Institution, Corcoran Gallery of Art and The New Museum. MasPaz lives and works in Arlington, Va, while spending a majority of his time traveling, teaching and painting murals across the world.

Learn About Monarch Butterflies with Jen and Milo the Toller

About Jennifer Bennett:

Jennifer Bennet and her dog Milo raise monarch butterflies in their Los Angeles home garden. Milo has become very fond of all the butterflies in his garden which Jennifer captures in her pictures and videos on Instagram.


Clase de Arte Con MasPaz

MasPaz nació en Bogotá, Colombia. Fue adoptado del orfanato La Casa De La Madre y El Niño, por una familia estadounidense y criado en Washington, DC. En su casa, su madre colgaba tapices colombianos y compartía sus historias del Cuerpo de Paz en Quibdó, Colombia, 1964. Esos recuerdos le ayudaron a comprender y conectarse más profundamente con sus raíces colombianas.

Hoy, su herencia latinoamericana guía su arte, mientras explora temas de respeto por la Madre Tierra y sus pueblos indígenas. MasPaz se graduó de la Universidad George Mason en Fairfax, Virginia. Su trabajo en estudios, instalaciones y proyectos de galería se han exhibido en todo el mundo, incluyendo The Smithsonian Institution, Corcoran Gallery of Art y The New Museum. MasPaz vive y trabaja en Arlington, Virginia, mientras pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo viajando, enseñando y pintando murales en todo el mundo. Ver más de su arte aquí.
Using Up Citrus with Christine Wong

About Christine Wong:

Christine is an eco-conscious cook and freelance food stylist / content creator @conscious_cooking. Author of "The Plantiful Plate" cookbook, Christine's recipes focus on the fun and flexibility of cooking with local seasonal produce as well as inspiring a plastic-free kitchen. Her second book "Living Without Plastic" just launched in Nov 2020 and is co-authored with Plastic Oceans International. 
Climate Scientist, Spencer Scott, leads a discussion with Gen Padalecki, Isaias Hernandez, and Jenny Willford

You can watch this discussion on IGTV.

One of the most common questions people ask climate activists is “what can I do as an individual?” Spencer created a framework called My Pentagon to address this. Every person has a unique role to play, and this framework will help anyone walk away with a clearer idea of that role. 

More About My Pentagon:

My Pentagon
My Pentagon is a tool to help people connect with their agency to affect change. Basically, it breaks up our power into 5 distinct realms: Behavioral (which gets a lot of attention, e.g. how we consume), Professional, Civic, Financial, and Social.

In the center of these realms is our agency to act, which is determined by knowing what needs to be changed, and by caring. So education is really key to everyone, so they can make informed decisions on what needs to be done at a society wide level. And then Caring is a lot about more spiritual and cultural growth that keeps us connected to why we care about each other and the Earth. If we don't keep that connection, we can forget what we're working for, so that's all about longevity and sustaining an effort. 

Depending on a person's resources, skills, passions, limitations and context, different realms will apply to them more or less. So the whole point is to help people find their personal leverage points: where their unique combination of assets allows them to most effectively affect change. 

Spencer Scott
About Spencer Scott:

Spencer is a systems-thinking nature-lover with over 8 years of experience in the biosciences. Before committing himself to climate activism he led a research team developing cell therapies for cancer and immunological diseases.

He transitioned from his career in biotech to dedicate his time to sustainability and explore his passions for writing, education, and outreach. In 2020, he and his partner co-founded Solarpunk Farms in Northern California as an experiment in regenerative agriculture and community activism.
He holds a PhD in Bioengineering from UC San Diego and a B.S. in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley.

Gen Padalecki
About Gen Padalecki:

Genevieve Padalecki is the cofounder of towwn (take only what we need), a new platform dedicated to finding solutions to burnout for both people + planet. towwn aims to connect people with inspiring resources and the actionable steps we can take towards living a more sustainable life—without the pressure of perfection. As Anne-Marie Bonneau said, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Gen is well known for starring as Ruby on the CW hit series Supernatural and, more recently, for her role on Walker opposite her real life husband, Jared Padalecki. She lives in Austin, Texas, where they are raising their three children—and 6 chickens, two dogs and two rabbits. Gen is no stranger to adventure and loves sharing her discoveries. From NYFW to urban homesteading and hiking Machu Picchu, her own platforms offer an intriguing mix of personal storytelling, healthy recipes, recommendations, heartwarming family moments and her own sustainability journey.

Isaias Hernandez
About Isaias Hernandez:

Isaias Hernandez is an Environmental Educator and creator of QueerBrownVegan where he creates introductory forms of environmentalism through colorful graphics, illustrations, and videos. He seeks to provide a safe space for like-minded environmentalists to advance the discourse around the climate crisis.


Jenny Willford
About Jenny Willford:

Jenny Willford is a clean energy advocate at the Colorado Sierra Club. She works on clean transportation, building electrification and moving the state to 100% clean renewable energy. Jenny started her career at the Wyoming Energy Council, working on low-income energy assistance programs across Wyoming. She cut her teeth in politics as a legislative associate at Siegel Public Affairs, running campaigns and fighting for working-class families to secure good jobs, have access to renewable energy and expand access to the ballot at the Colorado State Legislature. Jenny strongly believes that democracy works best when there are diverse voices at the table and as the Executive Director of Emerge Colorado - she ensured that was the case by training Democratic women candidates to run for office and win- leading the organization to a 90% win rate in 2016 and contributing to the first-ever woman majority in the Colorado State House of Representatives.

Jenny was elected to office in 2017 and currently serves as Mayor Pro Tem on Northglenn City Council. As the city liaison to Colorado Communities 4 Climate Action, a Colorado group that represents municipalities around the state that want to take action on climate Jenny serves as the vice chair of the policy committee. Jenny holds bachelor degrees in women’s studies and international studies from the University of Wyoming; and a master’s degree in human rights and political science from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. In her spare time, Jenny loves to explore all that Colorado has to offer with her husband Matt, their 5 year old son, Jack and cattle dog, Ace.  
Make the Leap from Enjoying Nature to Protecting It

You can watch this discussion on IGTV.

Want to find out how you can move beyond being inspired by nature to becoming an everyday outdoors activist?

We want to guide people who love to spend time in nature and make the connection that these places need to be protected, especially if we want to share them with future generations. Nature is a human right that can be incredibly healing, but in turn, we all need to help heal nature and our communities -- of different races and different places -- too. How do we move from just loving nature to protecting our public lands and advocating for more access to nearby nature, as well as doing other things daily to make a difference in the environmental movement?

Being an activist might sound intimidating, but everyone can truly make the leap in small ways that add up. You can be an everyday activist making choices daily to help protect the planet, people, and places that you love.

Chris Hill
About Chris Hill:

Chris Hill has a deep desire for social justice and a passion for the outdoors. She's been an avid adventurer since she was young, backpacking, climbing, snowboarding and fly fishing all over. As an environmental lobbyist for the past decade and currently the Campaign Director for the Our Wild America Campaign at Sierra Club, Chris’ desire for a just, equitable and sustainable future, one in which all people benefit from clean air, clean water and equitable access to the outdoors is rooted in community-based organizing. Chris got her start as a grassroots organizer in Appalachia working to stop mountaintop removal coal mining and advance just transition. 

 In 2019, Chris partnered with The Outbound Collective to tell her story on the water. The film, "Where I belong," won 2021 Best Short Film for the Conservation Film Festival and has been accepted into 2020’s Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, the Mountain Film Festival, among others. Watch Chris' story here.


Chelsea Murphy
About Chelsea Murphy:

Chelsea was born in San Diego, CA and raised in Washington State. She has always had a connection with nature, and found a consistent love for the outdoors more recently. After meeting her husband, they decided to marry and settle down in his home mountain town in North Central Washington. She is currently a mother of two kids on a mission to create a better more inclusive world for them. They go hiking and camping and try and spend at least 30 minutes outside each day. Chelsea uses solo hiking and trail running to balance my own personal mental health and wellness.

Chelsea is an Outdoor Enthusiast and the creator of She Colors Nature -- her mission is to encourage a more inclusive and equitable hiking community while celebrating and representing Black motherhood in the midst of dominant culture.

Maya Penn
About Maya Penn:

Maya Penn is a 21 year old award-winning founder and CEO of eco-fashion brand Maya’s Ideas, environmental activist, animator, artist, sustainability consultant, 3 time TED Speaker, artist, and author.

Maya has received a commendation from President Barack Obama for outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship. Maya was awarded the 2016 Coretta Scott King A.N.G.E.L. Award, as well as honored at the SCLC Drum Major for Justice Awards (past honorees include Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, John Lewis and more). She has been chosen by Oprah Winfrey as her youngest Supersoul 100 entrepreneur, change maker, and thought leader. She has been one of the youngest leaders in sustainability and environmental justice for 13 years, starting at the age of just 8 years old.

Eva Karlsson
About Eva Karlsson:

Eva Karlsson is the CEO of Houdini Sportswear, a progressive and rapidly growing Swedish outdoor brand and a trailblazer in corporate responsibility. Since 2001, together with a team of likeminded people, Eva has been redesigning business to become a force for good – providing state-of-the-art circular products, offering product-as-a-service solutions and building a co-creative community for open-source innovation, sharing knowledge and inspiring to reconnect to nature. Rather than focusing on Houdini's outstanding track record in sustainable development, Eva emphasizes the journey ahead and the untapped opportunities and abundant value in designing attractive and regenerative lifestyle solutions.
Hiking and Photography with Preethi

About Preethi:

Preethi is an Indian American freelance travel writer and photographer based out of San Francisco. Her mission is to inspire everyone to get outside, and she is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors for ethnic minorities.

IG: @eagertravele
Tiktok: @eagertravele
Twitter: @eagertravele
The Non Prophets Podcast with Stephen Campbell and Franqi French

You can listen to this episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

The Non Prophets Podcast highlights the work nonprofits do to alleviate the world's social and environmental issues. The show is hosted by Franqi French (Variety's Top Ten Comics to Watch) and Stephen Campbell, whose company U Streat Comedy produces virtual and socially-distanced fundraising comedy shows for some of the biggest, and most locally targeted nonprofits in the country!

On this episode, they'll interview Mary Chambers, the Chair of Sierra Club's Sustainable Ag Committee. 
Stephen Campbell

About Stephen Campbell:

Stephen Campbell is a standup comedian in New York City who, in a past life performed at music festivals across the country. He produces shows throughout the country to raise money for some of the most incredible nonprofits around! His company U Streat Comedy is dedicated to making people laugh, and making an impact!

Franqi French

About Franqi French:

SFranqi French is the authentic comedic voice we need! Ms. French holds nothing back when telling the vibrant true stories from her life. In 2020 Variety Magazine named her one of the 10 comics to watch and she’s currently the reigning champ of NBC’s national stand up comedy competition. You can catch her weekly on the Comedy Hubs Twitch channel: Tuesdays at 6:30 PM co-hosting NON PROPHETS or Friday’s at 5:30 PM co-hosting Bi the Way... Their Gay! a comedic parenting podcast she runs with her 15yo daughter Bootsy! Follow everywhere: @franqifrench
Yoga Class with Kris Relucio

About Kris Relucio:

As a true believer in self-growth, Kris has been dedicated to her yoga practice for almost 10 years. It has brought her closer to her truest and best version of herself, which will always continue to evolve. Her hope is to give back to the community and to share yogic paths with one another through compassion and positivity.

Her teaching style is grounded, mindful vinyasa yoga with a strong emphasis in alignment and anatomy. Physically, Kris believes in balancing strength and stability with the right amount of space and opening, so that we can obtain longevity in our bodies. Mentally + emotionally, she's interested in searching for truth in mind + heart, and to connect it to our body's present state, in hopes of finding love + acceptance within. Kris believes every body is special, and so is everyone's individual practices.

Kris finished her 200-hour training in Chicago, and has continued training under Annie Carpenter (SmartFLOW), learning from Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine), and studying through Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers (NYC). Major inspirations include Diana Oppenheim, Jason Crandell, Maty Ezraty, and many others.
The Tea on Intersectional Climate Action with Saad Amer
Saad Amer is an environmentalist, activist and the CoFounder of Plus1Vote, an organization dedicated to improving voter turnout and improving representation in our democracy. Reaching over a billion impressions online, the organization rallies young voters  and people of color on issues like climate change, social justice and voting rights and has worked with the likes of Vice President Al Gore, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Taylor Swift. 

A climate expert, he is on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Youth Constituency, is an Expert Reviewer for the upcoming IPCC report, and is an Advisor to the National Parks Conservation Association. He has researched the impacts of climate change on the ground in the Indian Himalayas with USAID, has taught environmental sustainability in China, co-created Harvard University’s inaugural Sustainability Plan, and discovered a new hybrid species in French Polynesia. He has written for National Geographic, PBS and the World Bank, and has spoken at the United Nations and TEDx. He went to Harvard University where he studied Environmental Science and Public Policy with a minor in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.