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Marie Fisher

Marie Fisher

I'm joining Team Sierra to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Each year people join Team Sierra from all across the country to get out and give back to their corner of the world. This year, things look different. But we're still finding ways to connect to nature and to one another. 

Join me in celebrating Earth Month by participating in Team Sierra's virtual activities like joining a live nature sketching class on YouTube and sharing my nature photos using #QuarantineLifeCalm. I'll be posting updates to my page here so you can see how I'm connecting with nature with this month. 

If you'd like to donate to support Sierra Club's work, you can do so on this page. Anyone who donates will get an exclusive 50th Anniversary t-shirt! The money raised helps Sierra Club do things like retire dirty coal plants, protect public lands, and make the outdoors more accessible for everyone. 

Happy Earth Month, 




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Cheboygan, Michigan
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Happy Earth Day (& Birthday Marie!)
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Happy Birthday to My Sister Marie, I know how important this Is to her.
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Happy B-Day Marie!