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The Earth Still Needs Us!

Jenny Muschinske

Jenny Muschinske

It's a weird time.

The news is unpleasant and times are scary. Like many of you, I'm finding respite in breathing fresh air and getting outdoors. I'm so thankful to be hunkered down on Cape Cod, mere steps from the Cape Cod National Seashore. I (and Tippi) can get outside for walks in the woods without passing anyone. I won't say I'm not going a little crazy, but I'm going a little less crazy than I would be if I didn't have access to nature.

It's a hard time to ask for money. As a professional fundraiser, I get that. But unfortunately, the work of Sierra Club is just as important as ever. While people are focused on the public health crisis in our country, the administration is doing things like cutting EPA protections. Just a few days ago, they disestablished the land of the Wompanoag Tribe right here on Cape Cod.

This message is a little all over the place, as I think many of us are feeling right now. The point is, this Earth Month, I'll be working on ways to connect with nature AND I'll be raising money to support Sierra Club's work to do things like protect public lands and save vulnerable species.

So keep up here with some updates of my activities and please, make a donation if you're able. Anyone who donates, even just a few dollars, will receive a sweet Earth Day 50th Anniversary t-shirt made by Marine Layer. It's very soft and ideal for adding to your work from home wardrobe.

Thanks for all you do and I hope you're able to get out and get some fresh air in this crazy time.



Doesn't get better than sunshine and salt water air!!


#QuarantineLifeCalm enjoying fresh air in Wellfleet.


Enjoying a beautiful view out of my work from home window

Sporting our Earth Day tee's on a socially distant walk on Marconi Beach



Recent Donations

1. Marshall Robinson
There is no greater cause that I could imagine contributing to. Thank you all for the important work that you do towards saving our planet!
2. Denise Patrick
South Carolina
3. Wookiee Egoavil
Celebrating Earth from Venice Beach, CA <3 #Everycorner
4. Anonymous
We are loving the blue sky, almost pollution free here in Denver. Maybe God is trying to tell us something? It's the only good thing that I can think of regarding this awful pandemic. Maybe it also gives us time and motivation to find other earth saving efforts.
5. Darla and Peter
6. Monica Muschinske