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Team Sierra & Sierra Club Response to COVID-19

As we all begin to deal with a global pandemic, I want to let you know how the Sierra Club is adapting and responding, so we can keep doing the important work of protecting our natural environment and fighting for a just, clean energy future. 

First, we’re prioritizing the health of our volunteers, activists, staff, and entire community. The COVID-19 pandemic is a social and economic justice issue, as well as a health crisis. Protecting our community is our number one priority, and we recognize that we have a social responsibility to be good actors in keeping others safe, too. 
This crisis shows how deeply we depend on one another to act for a greater common good. While social distancing may be necessary at this time, it is also increasingly necessary for us to come together to work through this crisis.

At Team Sierra, we’ve been working hard to build a community of people who are protecting the planet. Through these days and weeks of disruption, many people are finding solace in nature and we recognize the need to continue to keep our planet healthy as we work to do the same for ourselves and our communities. The money you’ve worked to raise through Team Sierra assures that staff and volunteer activists are able to continue to lobby for climate solutions. It supports Sierra Club’s initiatives to retire dirty coal plants and commit cities to renewable energy, and so much more. While much is put on hold for days, weeks, and months to come, the efforts to keep our planet safe keep going. Glaciers are still melting, air quality is still declining, and animals are still losing their habitats. You’ve played an integral part in supporting these efforts, and we cannot thank you enough. 

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Respuesta de Team Sierra y el Sierra Club al COVID-19

A medida que todos comenzamos a enfrentar esta pandemia global, quiero hacerte saber cómo el Sierra Club se está adaptando y respondiendo, para que podamos continuar haciendo el importante trabajo de proteger nuestro medio ambiente y luchar por un futuro más justo y con energía limpia.

Lo primero es la salud de nuestros voluntarios, activistas, personal y toda la comunidad. La pandemia de COVID-19 es un problema de justicia social y económica, así como una crisis de salud. Proteger a nuestra comunidad es nuestra prioridad número uno, y reconocemos que tenemos la responsabilidad social de ser buenos actores para mantener a otros seguros también.

Esta crisis demuestra cuán profundamente dependemos unos de otros para trabajar por un bien común mayor. Si bien el distanciamiento social puede ser necesario en este momento, también es cada vez más necesario que nos unamos para trabajar en esta crisis.

En Team Sierra, hemos estado trabajando duro para construir una comunidad de personas que protejan el planeta. A través de estos días y semanas de interrupción, muchas personas están encontrando consuelo en la naturaleza y reconocemos la necesidad de continuar manteniendo nuestro planeta saludable, mientras trabajamos para hacer lo mismo por nosotros y nuestras comunidades. El dinero que se ha recaudado a través del Team Sierra asegura que el personal y los activistas voluntarios puedan continuar presionando por soluciones climáticas, apoyando las iniciativas de Sierra Club para retirar las plantas de carbón que ensucian el aire, y comprometer a las ciudades a adoptar energías renovables, y mucho más. Si bien es mucho lo que se pone en espera durante días, semanas y meses, los esfuerzos para mantener nuestro planeta continúan. Los glaciares aún se están derritiendo, la calidad del aire sigue disminuyendo y los animales siguen perdiendo sus hábitats. Ustedes han desempeñado un papel integral en el apoyo a estos esfuerzos, y no tenemos cómo agradecerles lo suficiente.

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Updates on Upcoming Events 

Your fundraising coach will be in touch with more details on all options for cancelled or postponed events. Please reach out directly to your fundraising coach with questions. 

Cap10k, Austin, TX - April 5, 2020
This event has been cancelled. Participants will still receive a medal and t-shirt. See more here

Bend 5k, 10k, Half Marathon & Marathon, Bend, OR - April 19, 2020
This event will now be a virtual race, still on April 19. More details here.

Flying Pig 10k, Cincinnati, OH - May 3, 2020
This event has been cancelled. Participants may take place in a virtual race on the same date or join the Queen Bee/Flying Pig joint race in October. Details here

Bay Bridge Half Marathon, Oakland, CA - May 3, 2020
This race has been postponed. Date and details are forthcoming. 

Yosemite Half Marathon, Bass Lake, CA - May 9, 2020
Currently, the Yosemite race is still on. The race organizers will make a final decision on or before April 6, 2020. The race organizers are sharing updates here

Stand Up and Give Back: Colorado -- June 25-28, 2020
This event has been cancelled. We look forward to having you join us in 2021.

Currently, the Yellowstone, Glacier, Rocky Mountain and Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathons are all continuing as scheduled. 

The Berlin Marathon will also continue as planned. 


We understand the frustration and uncertainty at this time. To alleviate some of your concerns, we are making changes to both our cancellation and transfer policies.

  • If you don’t want to attend your race event or if your event has been cancelled, you can transfer the funds you’ve raised to another Team Sierra event at a later date.
  • You can also check out our DIY program. This program allows you to sign up for any local race at any date of your choosing (and we will refund your entry costs), or do a virtual race wherever you’d like.
  • You can transfer your funds to participate in our virtual Earth Month campaign for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. 
We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this unprecedented time. Please let us know if you have any questions.