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City Hike: National

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    City Hike: National


City Hike is a nationwide hike aimed to get people outdoors, whether you live near a forest or in a concrete jungle, and raise money to protect the planet. It’s a challenge. It’s a community. It’s an accessible way for you to experience nature, learn about environmental and social justice issues, and see the impact of Sierra Club’s work nationwide.

The goal: Go on a hike between September 23 – October 10 — either do your favorite hike with friends or log as many miles as you can during the challenge period. Connect with the City Hike community on social media— share your stories, your photos, your hiking maps.

You can increase your impact by asking family and friends to support you with a donation, to help work toward a future with a better, cleaner planet and a more just world. Your fundraising could even earn you some great prizes!

The money raised funds the Sierra Club’s climate action and environmental justice work. Read our 2022 Action Plan. Put your passion into action to protect the planet.  

Sign up as an individual or as part of a team. Raise money to support Sierra Club and protect the planet and you can earn some great rewards.


Turn your passion into action. Your $35 ticket comes with a Sierra Club membership. Upgrade to a $50 ticket and we’ll give you a City Hike T-shirt!

Raised Money

The dollars you raise from your family and friends can make a big impact to fund local and national environmental initiatives. Plus, you can earn some great rewards!

Take a Hike

Wherever you are, hike as many miles as you can during the City Hike event. You are not alone — you have all of Sierra Club with you, and with our combined power, we can make a real difference in the future of this planet and all its inhabitants.



We’re witnessing a climate crisis, and we have already seen the impact of more extreme weather all across the country. And according to the UN, we may only have 9 years to prevent irreversible damage to our future. Sierra Club is about the air we breathe, the water we drink, the planet that sustains us and all of its inhabitants.

When you join Team Sierra, you are part of the nation’s largest and most effective grassroots environmental organization, and you help fund the Sierra Club’s work to protect the wildlife and wild places we love, advance climate solutions, make the outdoors accessible for all, and more. City Hike is a tangible way to take local action in your community for global climate impact.

Fundraising for the Sierra Club is easier than ever. Through emails, social media posts, and other creative ideas, and with the help of our fundraising coaches and community, people have raised on average $250. We’re here to help!

The first 150 people to raise $150 get a City Hike tote bag, and the top 50 fundraisers get a rad gear package from our partners.

We believe access to nature, clean air and clean water are human rights



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