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Support my Earth Month Trash pickup efforts

Morgan Goodwin

Morgan Goodwin

This Earth month, I'm picking up trash, and I'm asking you to chip in to support the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter.

The more you support, the more I'll pick up!

I love picking up trash. It's meditative. It connects me to my surroundings, and it also makes the world better. And on this site, you'll be able to see my progress of how much time I've spent doing this. I'll also be inviting my friends to join me, and sharing the journey on social media.

For this trash-pickup-a-thon, I'm asking you to donate. I'm trying to raise $500 for the Angeles Chapter. By contributing, you are not only fueling my trash pickup efforts, you're also funding our critical work to fight climate change, shut down gas plants and oil drilling, protect critical habitat, and run outings that help people fall in love with the natural world.

Please contribute to my

Thanks so much!

P.S. I was amazed that Sierra Club has been saving our environment for the last 125 years! They are determined, focused, and need our help!

Hiked Mt. hollywood -- pretty clean! several plastic bottles, and a lot more plastic bottle caps

I trashed pickup 45 minutes towards my goal!


I trashed pickup 45 minutes towards my goal!

Neighborhood evening cleanup!


I trashed pickup 90 minutes towards my goal!

Mt. Josephine trail and pullout.

Angeles Crest Highway pullout -- we found a TV!


I trashed pickup 5 minutes towards my goal!


raised of $500 goal

Angeles Team Sierra

185 minutes
of 200 minute goal


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