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Donate to the Trash-a-thon and support the Sierra Club

Katherine Gonzalez

Katherine Gonzalez

This Earth month, my team and I will be picking up trash, and I'm asking you to chip in to support the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter.

The more you support, the more I'll pick up!

Every little piece of litter is a tangible improvement in the environment -- we keep plastics out of the water, wrappers out of birds' mouths, and generally lighten the load of humans on the planet. When you support my Trash-a-thon campaign, you're also connecting something as simple as picking up trash to the larger mission of the Sierra Club - to grow our organization's capacity to better explore, enjoy and protect the planet. Funds raised support our local efforts to conserve habitat, end oil drilling, switch to 100% clean energy, pass zero-waste ordinances and so much more. Let's pick up trash, but let's do so with a big-picture strategy. 

For this trash-a-thon, I'm asking you to donate to support the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter. 

Thanks so much!

P.S. Did you know the local Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter has a tiny staff of 4 people, but hundreds of volunteer leaders who make it run? It's an incredibly efficient group, and it's getting a ton accomplished!


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