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Donate to the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club

Pauline Faye

Pauline Faye

This year, I'm fighting climate change and protecting the natural world by [[TAKING ON ACTIVITY]] to support the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter.

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Our planet is warming at alarming rates, and we feel the impacts here in Southern California. We also have huge opportunities and momentum behind the solutions to this crisis. It's urgent that we stop burning fossil fuels, switch to clean energy, protect our biodiverse habitats as buffers against the worst of extreme climate change. By supporting my campaign, here's how you are helping:
 - The Sierra Club is at the forefront of efforts to end oil drilling and clean up fossil fuel infrastructure. We are leading the advocacy for LA County and cities within it to commit to phase out the 5,000 plus active wells in the county.
 - We are leading the way to shut down coal-fired power plants and gas-fired power plants, replacing them with clean wind and solar, so our electric grid is zero emissions. We are also pushing to get gas out of our buildings, protecting indoor air quality and eliminating emissions.
 - We fight to protect wild habitat in the Santa Monica Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains, Bolsa Chica Wetlands, Santa Clarita hillsides, Orange County beaches and more. Natural biodiversity and interconnected wild areas ensure species have the best chance of adapting to climate change, and provide resilience to extreme weather of all kinds. 
 - And much more - see our progress at angeles.sierraclub.org

We are powerful together. Each and every one of can be part of this movement for the planet. You are growing our organization's capacity to better explore, enjoy and protect the planet. 

Thanks so much!

P.S. Did you know the Sierra Club's unique structure of local chapters within a national campaigning organization is incredibly effective at winning key victories and keeping our eyes on long-term environmental goals? 


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