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Picking up trash and raising money for the Angeles Chapter

Elizabeth Neat

Elizabeth Neat

Hi Folks. It's me again.
The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter has embarked on a campaign to clean up SoCal, while raising money for the conservation, education and recreation activities in which we are engaged.
Starting on Earth Day, April 22, I plan to spend 2 hours a week for 4 weeks, walking and picking up trash in my local neighborhood and surrounding natural spaces. I will walk along South Walker Ave in San Pedro, where I live, picking up cigarette butts, and I will visit Griffith Park picking up discarded COVID face masks.
Please pledge to support me. You can commit to a flat amount or a per minute pledge to keep me accountable and on track. I promise you that I will not hold you to more than the 480 minutes though.
Thanking you in advance, Elizabeth

OK! I made my commitment of 8 hours during the month. This was harder to do than I expected. I had imagined adding a trash pick up routine to my daily walks, a few times a week. But, in reality, to really be engaged in picking up trash, it is not possible to 'walk' at the same time. No matter how clean the area looks, it still involves a lot of stopping. But, as I said, I am now SUPER AWARE of trash, especially cigarette butts. I think I will commit to one dedicated trash pick up of at least 30 minutes each week. That seems quite do-able for me. Thanks again, everyone. See you in September for the City Hike fundraiser. Elizabeth


Michael pointed out that 3 x 24 is 72, not 82. OOPS. Anyway, 58 minutes and 5 days to go.


82 minutes and one week to go. 41 minutes for each of two days or 24 minutes for each of three days. I can do it!


I picked up trash 65 minutes towards my goal!

This activity has made me super aware of trash--especially small pieces. I think at the end of the month, I will commit to an hour a week of trash pick up.


raised of $200 goal

Angeles Team Sierra

485 minutes
of 480 minute goal


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