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So much we care about—renewable energy, American communities, and a livable planet—is threatened by Trump's Presidency. We've been knocked down, but giving up isn't an option. The only way we win is to stand up and stand together. The challenge is great, but so are we.

YOU can make a difference with the actions you take. Use this platform to create a fundraising page and gather your friends, family, and coworkers around an activity that inspires you. Run, dance, bike, hike, bake, or simply add your voice to a chorus that is singing out with renewed clarity of purpose. 




Protect the planet you love.
Support everything we're fighting for by raising funds for the Sierra Club.

Do what you love.
 Run a race, hike, organize a neighborhood cleanup — choose whatever inspires you.

Ask the people you love. 
Stand together with your family, friends, and coworkers by your side. 



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