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Anything but NAKED!

Juliette Hirt

> UPDATE #1: We hit our first goal -- I've upped it to $500!
> UPDATE #2: Woo-hoo! Reached the second goal. Upping it to $720!

After all that wear and tear shlepping back and forth to Nevada, I was looking forward to retiring my canvassing shoes and sitting back for another four years of competent presidential leadership.


The new guy wants to pull out of the Paris Accord? Rip open vulnerable wildlands to dangerous dirty fuel extraction? Let cars and factories pollute even more? Drill, baby, drill?!?

Apparently, our work is not yet done.

Thank God for the Sierra Club. For 125 years, this organization has fought to protect the environment - battling the most hostile administrations using every means at our disposal - and winning. Pollution. Mountaintops. Rivers. Windmills, Dams. Endangered Species. When your grassroots are over 4 million activists, parents and grandparents, climbers, first responders, scientists, hikers, lawyers, teachers, students, journalists, hipsters, elders, and more -- in all 50 states -- you can do just about anything.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But, also, I must maintain some shred of dignity, lest my family be reduced to shame. Therefore, when I reach my ultimate $3600 goal, I will *NOT* run naked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Instead, I will walk across at a leisurely pace, in my canvassing shoes, looking about and enjoying the scenery. YOUR NAME will be written in permanent marker on my shoes, along with the names of everyone who supported me in Nevada. (Your name may feel crowded, but it's for a good cause.) I might even add a bit of glitter.

So, join the fun!

Open your wallet, and give like the whole world depends on it. Because it does.

Just imagine how great it will be, when we reach our goal together, and I do *not* RUN NAKED ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

- Juliette (and my shoes)

p.s. This is fun! Go to teamsierra.org to get your own Sierra Club fundraiser page. A generous donor is matching donations through the end of the year, so do it now!



raised of $720 goal

Recent Donations

1. Donna Hirt
I would have donated more but I just donated a bucket full of pure gold chips to the Sierra Club that I found on the back seat of a Greyhound bus on the way to Boston from NYC. The postage was HUGE! Love, Beulah the Bag Lady aka Auntie Donna
2. Paula Gaber
3. Kathy Nolasco
Go Juliette! I am also on the side of Mother Earth standing right next to Sierra Club as well as NRDC and Earth Justice. I'm a member of all 3 organizations. One person CAN make a difference because we all stand together! Thank you, Juliette!
4. Ashlyn Sutherland
5. Juliette Hirt
Onward and upward!
6. Molly Brooksbank
This is my favorite campaign ever! Go Juliette!