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Please donate to support the Sierra Club!

Alexander Heil

Alexander Heil

We have all witnessed a catastrophic change in environmental policy over the last two years. Since our climate change denying President has been in office, pollution has worsened, prior policy efforts have been reversed and the effects of the climate crisis have become more and more visible! The NY Times reported a few days ago that heat waves are becoming more frequent, more extreme and more dangerous!

In light of these devastating news, I have decided to provide some fundraising support for the Sierra Club, an organization that has made protecting the environment its mission. My goal is $5,000 for the current race season, and I appreciate any and all financial contribution towards this goal.

But even if you prefer not to contribute to my fundraising, please make me a promise: Become active in your community, speak up against a Trump administration that is doing its best to make the planet unlivable for future generations, and contribute to the change we need!

Thanks so much!



raised of $5,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. Dave Amerikaner
2. Florence Liu
Congratulations, Alex, on another fabulous race!
3. Anonymous
Congratulations, Alex. I like your theme for donations this year. Ann
4. Charles Steedman
Good for you, Alex! Go for it! Julie and Charley
5. Jonathan Paul Sommer
Congrats, IronAlex! Thank you for swimming, biking, and running for a great cause! Love, S, P, T, D, & J
6. Gwendolyn Sommer
Alex! Here’s to a great race and a wonderful son-in-law! Your commitments — to Julia, to the boys, to environmental sanity, not to mention your teaching and your work — never cease. With admiration, we send you all good wishes for tomorrow’s race! Omi and Darlie