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Team Harper's Going to Be a Big Sister

Drew Seman

Drew Seman


UPDATE 2: TEAM GOAL IS NOW $500! Thank you! (10/13)

UPDATE 3: TEAM GOAL IS NOW $750! (10/13)

UPDATE 4: GOAL IS NOW $1,000!!! (10/14)

UPDATE 5: GOAL IS NOW $1,250!!!! (10/16)

UPDATE 6: GOAL IS NOW $1,500! (10/24)


Harper is going to be a big sister to a sister on November 18!

She has generously donated her fashion-forward apparel, crib, rug, rocking bear, and a curated selection of books she doesn't like.

In short, Harper's got kid #2's needs covered.

So instead of getting more baby stuff, Harper is raising money to support the Sierra Club because what they really need is a healthy planet to live on (she's also helping her dad beta test a new tool for work).Harper wants to be able to enjoy cool stuff with her sister like going on nature walks and looking at polar bears.

She's set a goal of raising $150 before her sister's born. UPDATE: GOAL HAS BEEN DOUBLED!

All donors will receive exclusive access to a video of Harper meeting her sister for the first time. This video will NOT be available to her Facebook audience, so you MUST donate.

Donations will help do amazing stuff like:

• Help cities move to 100% Clean Energy
• Protect our land, water, and air.
• Save endangered species.
• Make the outdoors accessible for everyone.

If you'd like to learn more about their mission, you can check out sierraclub.org.

Thanks so much!
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