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A clean and healthy planet is the best birthday gift!

Jessica Dean

Jessica Dean

THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SURPASS MY GOAL 5 TIMES! I had the best birthday knowing I raised over $1700 to protect our planet. There's always still time to donate or start your own fundraiser!

UPDATE #5: I am so grateful to everyone that has helped me surpass $1,500 before my birthday. The big day is TOMORROW, and any additional donations to protect our planet are planet are greatly appreciated. Let's shoot for $1700.33!

UPDATE #4: I surpassed my goal again, WOO HOO! Thanks for so much support! I'm raising the bar to raise $1500.33 by my birthday on December 6!!

UPDATE #3: I've reached my goal again - thank you SO MUCH to everyone. I'm going to keep this momentum going - goal updated to $1200.33. Let's do this!

UPDATE #2: Woo hoo, I reached goal #2, so I'm increasing my goal yet again to $900.33.

UPDATE #1: Thanks for all of the support, you've helped me surpass my original goal of $333.33, so I'm increasing my goal to $600.33!


Since the election, I've been very concerned about the future of our planet. So I'm taking my emotions, and I'm putting them into positive action by raising funds for the Sierra Club! I turn 33 on December 6, so I'm asking for donations instead of gifts!

I'm raising funds because I'm obsessed with hiking, visiting National Parks, camping, and all of that great outdoor, nature-y stuff.

I'm also raising funds because I like to drink water, breath air, and have a livable planet.

The Sierra Club is working to help cities transition to 100% renewable energy. They're working to protect our lands and waters. And one of my favorite things -- they're making the outdoors accessible to everyone, starting at a young age.

If you'd like to learn more about what the Sierra Club is doing to make an impact now, visit sierraclub.org.

Thanks so much for your support!


P.S. Please enjoy my photos from birthdays over the years (including the original birthday) and some of my more recent outdoor adventures! If you make a donation, I'll dedicate an outdoor adventure photo to you on FB!

P.P.S. A very generous donor is matching all gifts through the end of the year, so your donation will be DOUBLED!


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