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Sarah and Peter's wedding - Sierra Club donation page

Peter And Sarah's Wedding

Peter and Sarah's Wedding

For our honeymoon, we are planning a hiking/backpacking trip in California in the Sierra mountains. We love this wilderness and set this page up so that guests who would like to give us a gift related to our trip can support keeping wilderness areas like this pristine.

Thank you!

Peter and Sarah



Recent Donations

1. Jennifer Kyff
Congratulations!!! So happy you both found each other and share so many interests. This is a great idea. We need to support our natural areas. The animals and plants need us during this time. Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding. You have a beautiful family! Sorry we missed each other during the holidays.
2. Brian Medlin
3. Jean Kyff
Great idea to celebrate your wedding! Couldn't think of a better organization especially during this critical time of threats to our environment!
4. Elizabeth Morris
5. Cyrus Mozayeni
Dear Sarah and Peter, Best wishes for a life time of joy, happiness and love! Sincerely, Susan & Cyrus Mozayeni
6. Peggy and Dick Traskos
Best Wishes on your Wedding