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Donate to support the Sierra Club in Memory of David G. Lachey

David Lachey

David Lachey

Dad was a lover of nature and at home in the wilderness. From a young age my sisters and I spent many a night and had many an adventure with him in the outdoors of California.

We thank you for donating on his behalf in memory of the man who instilled this awe and love of the wilderness in us.

The Lachey Family


Recent Donations

1. Bob & Lorraine Joyce
Dave was a great friend and a wonderful person admired by all. May his spirit fly on. Bob & Lorraine Joyce
2. T K Powers
You know we love you all. So inspired by the beautiful, heartwarming, and fun...yes, fun...memorial. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves.
3. Ben Chiu
4. Susan Hecht
This is a beautiful way to celebrate David's life well-lived, a life full of love, respect, and caring.
5. Robert E. Schnebeck
In memory of David G. Lachey.
6. Al & Sharon
So many wonderful memories.