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$30 for 30! Donate to the Sierra Club

Anna Blasco

Anna Blasco

Final Update: We did it! What an amazing 30th birthday. A sincere thanks to everyone who contributed.

UPDATE 5: With one day left, we've surpassed $1,500! Thank you so much to everyone for making this the most amazing birthday!

UPDATE 4: I keep thinking each one of these goals must surely be a stretch, and yet every $300 we blow it out of the park. Will we make it to $1,500?

UPDATE 3: We just did $30 x 30! And here I thought I might get to $300. Why stop now? Let's shoot for $1,200!

UPDATE 2: Holy mackerel, we did it again. Thank you all for your generosity. Can we get to $900?

UPDATE 1: In less than TWO HOURS, you helped me reach my goal of $300. Let's keep going, and double our impact! Help me reach my goal of raising $600!

Hi friends and family,

I’m raising funds for the Sierra Club. I clearly love drinking wine in the clean air outside, opening a cold beer after a long hike, or...you get the idea. For my birthday, I'm asking you to help ensure that we all can continue to celebrate in the great outdoors.

Help me celebrate my 30th birthday, and continue toasting the majesty of nature, by raising $1,500 for the Sierra Club.

The funds you donate will enable the Sierra Club to do things like:
• Provide cleaner energy.
• Protect our land, water, and air.
• Save animals being threatened with extinction.
• Make the outdoors accessible for all of us.

My goal is $1,500, please help me cross the finish line by making a donation. And when you do, let me know why you care about doing good by nature in the “Words of Encouragement” box. I would love to hear from you!

If you'd like to learn more about their mission, you can check out sierraclub.org, or participate in their campaigns at addup.org!



PS. Gifts to Team Sierra are not tax deductible.
PPS. Please enjoy these terribly embarrassing birthday pictures of me.


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