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Prevent Trump's budget from becoming reality

Alexander Rony

Ever since my wife gave birth to our first child in January, I look at the world a little differently. Take Trump's budget, for example. It would cut the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent, threatening our ability to clean up air pollution, water contamination, climate emissions, and toxic waste.

Gone are Energy Star and youth education programs like AmeriCorps. He even eliminated funding to restore the San Francisco Bay, where we live.

That's to say nothing about the cuts to PBS, after-school programs, college work-study aid, and child nutrition. These are (or were) broadly popular and successful initiatives.

Budgets are moral documents, reflecting values and priorities. The takeaway is clear -- Donald Trump does not care what happens to future generations.

The Sierra Club is leading the resistance to Trump's agenda. Please join with me to block Trump's budget from becoming reality and help me meet my goal of raising $2,500.

ADDED PERK! You can vote in your donation's comments for a budget cut you'd like to see become the topic of a SierraRise action alert. I will commit to launch at least one campaign based on donor feedback.



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Alexander, Our children are our future and as parents we see this so clearly. Thank you for committing to fund raising for Sierra Club and your advocacy for a clean healthy environment for your new baby and all children.
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