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Support the frontlines of the Hurricane Harvey recovery

ATX #aJustHarveyRecovery

Many of us in Austin are in daily contact with longtime Gulf Coast environmental & social justice organizers whom are on the frontlines of Harvey's impact. We are following their lead and adhering to the JEMEZ Principles for democratic organizing when it comes to redirecting resources and recovery support.

From the greater Houston area and Port Arthur all along the coast to Bay City, Rockport and Corpus Christi, and up to Bastrop, Victoria and La Grange, tens of thousands of Texans have been displaced or greatly-affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We're raising money for groups working on the ground to support their extremely urgent recovery efforts and to mitigate Harvey's environmental effects—from chemical hazards to structural damage.

The damage and heartbreak caused by this hurricane will continue to be found in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. That's why we committed to raise money for those groups who've been working in affected communities for years and will continue to do so for years to come. Every cent will make its way to groups on the ground.

Unfortunately, in Austin we've done disaster response and recovery before. And we know that this will be a long-term multi-year effort. Like in Katrina, the greedy will try to redevelop & displace neighborhoods where people are power and lack political power. Together we must organize to make sure the recovery is just and equitable.

More resources on how to help can be found at: anothergulf.com/a-just-harvey-recovery

Thank you for stepping up for our friends in Texas at this horrific and heartbreaking moment. Power & love to all yall. - dave cortez


So far, nationally we've raised about $40,000 dollars for groups on the ground! Thanks and please keep sharing <3 Update at http://bit.ly/atxharveyupdate


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Just kicking this thing off. Please feel free to share and ask any questions!


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