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Donate to support the Hurricane Harvey recovery

Robin Mann

I’m raising money for groups working on the ground to mitigate the Hurricane Harvey's environmental effects—from chemical hazards to structural damage—and support extremely urgent relief efforts.

The damage and heartbreak caused by this hurricane will continue to be found in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. That's why I committed to raise money.

The people of Texas need all the support they can get, and Sierra Club has groups on the ground assisting with recovery. YOU can help too by making a donation.

Thank you for stepping up for our friends in Texas at this horrific and heartbreaking moment,



raised of $2,500 goal

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1. Eric Langenmayr and Nina Chen
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3. Isaiah Oliver
Isaiah Oliver
4. Becky B
Thank you for raising awareness about the environmental disaster ongoing for communities.
5. Lindsay Mann
6. Sally West Williams
Captain of

Group Harvey Responders