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Making music to support the Sierra Club

Catherine Manning

Manning Music of Berkeley, CA and Savier Street Strings of Portland, OR are teaming up to raise money for the Sierra Club.

Catherine Manning (fiddle teacher at Manning Music) and Olivia Horgan (Savier Street String's fiddle teacher) have been friends since the 3rd grade where they grew up in Michigan. They took violin lessons from the same teacher and played in orchestra together and then after trying out other occupations both happily decided to become fiddle teachers.

We really wanted to have a way to combine practice for our spring concerts with a way for our communities to come together and raise money for a good cause. We've noticed that many children have seen an increase in political talk between their parents and friends. Many children, including our own, have shown interest in helping and being involved and we thought this would be a wonderful way for them to become active.

We decided upon the Sierra Club because their mission is to preserve the environment for future generations by protecting public land, advocating for a clean energy economy, and expanding access to the outdoors across cultural and economic lines. To learn more, visit: sierraclub.org


raised of $500 goal

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