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IRONMAN 70.3 Maine

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"I'm just one person, and this climate crisis is overwhelming. What can I even do??"

If you've asked that question before, you are not alone. You also have come to the right place.

Here at Team Sierra, we know that we each bring something special to the team and that, when we work together, doing stuff we love to do, we can achieve great things and have fun while doing it.

Tackling this climate crisis and protecting the beautiful places we love require ambitious goals and action, but luckily, we know that Team Sierra and IRONMAN teammates are all about big goals and hard, meaningful work.

Join Team Sierra at Old Orchard Beach this summer for the IRONMAN 70.3 Maine to take on the ultimate challenge, and cross the finish line knowing you made a real impact raising critical funds to protect our planet.


"We are all citizens of the Earth. I ran with Team Sierra to know that I am doing as much as I can to ensure we have left it in the best possible shape for future generations." - Kara, Newland, NC
"Asking for donations was initially intimidating, but the response has been so inspiring and confirms my belief that our planet is the common denominator that connects us all." - Erin, Spokane, WA

Old Orchard Beach is the ultimate summer race destination. A popular beach town on the coast of Maine, it's beloved for its fun and vibrant wooden pier and boardwalk, delicious food, and lively concerts and festivals. Plus, the race is known for being a fast one - a mix of soft sand beach, rolling hills, and the beautiful Maine scenery from the renowned Eastern Trail.

Our extremely-limited charity bibs will guarantee your spot at IRONMAN 70.3 Maine (already sold out to the public!) for those that commit to raising $3000 to benefit the Sierra Club. Every dollar raised is critical for our work safeguarding our planet.


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