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Green Friday

Tony Glebe

Recent events have caused me to re-evaluate my priorities in life, and to assess how well my intentions and actions are aligned with the life I'd like to live, and the legacy I'd like to leave behind for my family, friends, and for future generations.

Though my "legacy" may be small, this is one drop I want to add to the bucket, and I'm asking and encouraging you to add yours. Maybe together we can can fill a pint glass, or better yet a growler....or who knows, maybe a pony keg.

I'll mostly skip the obvious that our environment and public lands are under extreme threat of private plunder, and that with the new administration that will dramatically increase.

Please give what you can to preserve and protect, and given it's the day after Thanksgiving, maybe think of this as Green Friday. If nothing else, take the cash you would have spent on the second Flurby, or the emergency room co-pay you would have paid to address Wal-Mart street fight injuries, and instead drop it in this bucket. We'll all be better off as a result.



P.S. A very generous donor is matching every dollar raised with Team Sierra through the end of the year. So if you feel inspired to create your own fundraiser, the impact will be doubled!


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