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Getting My Ass in Gear for the Planet

Peter Martin

Hi friends -- Since the election I've mostly just vented on social networks about how much of what I've worked for over the past 15 years -- clean air and water, protected wild places, climate solutions, sustainable clean energy jobs and healthy communities -- are at risk under this new administration and Congress. And it's not just about me and my work. It's about all of us. These aren't some distant problems far off in the future. They're literally at our door step. It's raining today at 9,000 feet in the Sierras. Miami regularly floods on sunny days, and 100 million trees died in California in the last 5 years. These impacts are just a tip of the iceberg for what's to come if we don't respond quickly and mightily.

Regardless of the Donald's pleasantries the other day with Al Gore, his nominations for key administration posts are the worst possible choices for our planet. And by our planet, I mean us. Where the hell else are we going to go? Naming Scott Pruitt to run the EPA is despicable and horrifying.

OK, time to quit venting and actually get off my ass. So here's my plan....

As you know, up until about three months ago I spent most of my professional career at the Sierra Club. I know firsthand that they do amazing work, especially when they're backs are up against the wall. Like right now! They deserve our support.

This is what I'm committing to do... It's 41 days to Inauguration Day. In those 41 days, I'll commit to twenty 40 mile round-trip bike commutes. So between now and when Trump takes the oath of office (God help us!), I will have ridden 800 miles. I'm looking to all of you to help me raise $1.50 per mile for a total of $1200. (Preferably not raised in $1 increments!) I started things off with a $40 donation. Who's next?

As I see it, this is a highly leveraged investment: your money translates into:
-- cash for the Sierra Club to resist Trump's agenda
-- helping me drop a few pounds so I can eat Christmas cookies
-- one less car on the road -- less CO2 and less traffic
-- and, most important, a better shot at winning the climate battle and saving our lovely (and only) home

It's a win-win-win-win. Hope you all see it that way too, and donate generously. Will you stand with me and help me reach my goal to raise $1200?

Please give what you can, and if you'd like to learn more about what the Sierra Club is doing to make an impact now, visit sierraclub.org.

Thank you for standing with me!

P.S. A very generous donor is matching every dollar raised with Team Sierra through the end of the year. So if you feel inspired to create your own fundraiser, the impact will be doubled!


raised of $1,200 goal

Recent Donations

1. Catharine Andricos
Thanks, Peter!
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3. Molly & Matt Raskin
We're donating because we STAND TOGETHER when it comes to protecting our planet and refuse to allow this administration to get in our way. Peter, thanks for this effort to support the Sierra Club - we need you now more than ever!
4. Steve Zimmerman
Let's do this thing!
5. Corey & David Penn
Go get 'em Pedro!
6. Steven Berkenfeld
Thanks Peter!!!