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Jennie Palmer


For those of you how want to join me on Saturday:

- 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (or longer if I can manage!)
- Meet me at the corner of McKinley Blvd and 35th Avenue - I will be lapping the park, so if you don't see me, I should be back in no more than 20 minutes :)
- Wear GREEN if you can! My rain coat is teal, so depending on weather this may be challenging...
- Bathroom at my house if you need it
- Please bring your favorite refillable water bottle OR take advantage of the drinking fountain at the park :)

People who RSVPd to take a lap (or a few): Debbie and Steve, Jana and Dan, Hannah, Allie and Jack, Jonathan and Marian, Wendy and Bob!!! you dont have to RSVP - you can just surprise me :) I understand if the rain keeps you home - your support to this point means a lot!

A NOW A HUGE THANK YOU AND SHOUT OUT to these amazing people who have either donated or pledged to my walk-a-thon (in no particular order):

Chris Saenz
Sabrina and Adrian Stroh
Popi and Papa Niger
Debbie and Steve Palmer
Teresa Whiteside and Norrie Palmer
Denise and Mike Johnson
Wendy and Bob Niger
Peter Martin
Allie Dorsey
Jana Durst and Dan Friedman
Marian Butcher and Jonathan Hughes (who have pledge a per lap donation so now I really need to up my mileage)
Sadie Dean (my first donation!)
Claudia Bordin and Kurt Campell
Anonymous (I know who it is but won't tell)

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! I'm a little nervous about the weather forecast. Luckily, I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West, so rain won't stop me!

With MUCH appreciation,


UPDATE 11/30/16
My walk-a-thon is planned for December 10 from 9am to roughly 3pm (but I reserve the right to walk until midnight if I so well desire).If you are in Sacramento, come walk with me (please RSVP so I can get you more detailed info).

You can pledge an amount per mile I walk, donate any amount you possibly want, or just simply walk with me to keep me company!

Bonus info:
- for $50 I will give you a PRIVATE "TOUR" of the park - I'll learn some history and walk with you and whomever you bring (we will stay on the walking path circling the park and detour into the rose garden)
- for $100 or more I will jog a lap around the park (if more than 5 people come in at this level, I don't think I will be able to jog that much in one day and therefore pledge to your pledge that I will do all the jogging miles within 1 week of December 10)

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I hope to see many of you at the park! :)


There are so many things that I care about—protecting land, clean air, renewable energy, and the places we live— which are all under threat. The planet is facing the most anti-environment congress and administration we've ever seen. Now, more than ever, we need to take action!!

I'm standing up for climate action. Team Sierra is a place for me to fundraise online for the Sierra Club so I can protect this planet for us adult folk and my growing nieces (Emma (7) , Evie (3), Ava (3), and Maddie (6 months) and nephew (Jack 2 months).

I need/want your help in blowing my fundraising goal out of the water. This is a critical moment for us to stand together and take action.

Will you stand with me and help me reach my goal to raise $1,500?

Please give what you can, and if you'd like to learn more about what the Sierra Club is doing to make an impact now, visit sierraclub.org.

Thank you for standing with me!!!!!

P.S. A very generous donor is matching every dollar raised with Team Sierra through the end of the year. So if you feel inspired to create your own fundraiser, the impact will be doubled!


raised of $1,500 goal

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2. Sandie Schoenman
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From my grandparents!
6. Rob Palmer
Jennie, I can't believe you walked 15 miles. Hopefully it wasn't raining for some of that. Thanks for working to preserve the planet for the future.
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