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Don't Give Up The Ship

Alex Applegate

The short of it:
Our world could use a good voice. A good lawyer. A good doctor. Your contributions can help prevent worse peril from befalling the planet humanity, flora, and fauna call home. Thank you!

The long of it:
Our planet is in peril. Short-sighted planning and selfish greed are having their way with the innocent world, and things are at risk of getting a whole lot worse.

Previously, I have been well-intentioned but nearly silent on this matter. Now that there is such a tangible threat to what small progress has been made, I feel that I no longer have that luxury.

The air, water, and soil of the only known livable planet are in jeopardy, and soon it will affect more than just the world's poorest citizens. We are all at risk of having our livelihoods ruined by the effects of the fossil fuel abuse and externalization of costs by Earth’s wealthiest few.

Not so long ago, we were content to think we could just buy new light bulbs, a hybrid vehicle, a low-flow shower head, and do a few meatless Mondays to turn this ship right around. While it's a nice thought, the results pale in comparison to the carelessly consumptive destruction of the world's few remaining forests, the relentlessly damaging extraction of underground "natural resources" at rates 1000s of times greater than they are being replenished, and the ability of massive private corporate interests to force the hand of our government at seemingly every level.

It's bad. It's probably worse than any one of us can know. There's a whole lot of easy money to be made by weak hearts throwing the rest of the world and its future under the bus. There's a whole lot of easy days to be had by those who choose to ignore the science. And there's a whole lot of work to be done by those who choose to unite and overcome this manipulation and slothful complacency.

Maybe you don't feel like you're part of the problem, but maybe it is not enough to “not do evil”. It's a strong and frightening statement, but consider the possibility that it might also be wrong to “not do good when given the chance”. Suddenly you have a lot more on your plate.

So don’t give up the ship. Don’t cower in fear of what might happen. Fight back, in whatever ways you believe you can be effective. We must be our own guardians, coming together in our defense against these dark arts. Politicians are (at best) a reflection of the public, and we, the public, must present a united front.

I’m giving money to the Sierra Club because their staff, interns, and volunteers work in a professional manner to advocate for the health of our environment. They operate on the front lines, appealing to humanity, science, and reason in opposition to selfishness and corrupt policies.

Environmentalism is an issue I take up because it affects every population on our planet. Whether your reasons are humanitarian, naturalist, or even economic—working to preserve a stable and livable ecosystem is critical.

Today, those with the least money are taking the brunt of the damage from those with the most. In a sense, the lower cabins of this Titanic are flooding. The big wake up call is that we’re all on the same big sinking boat. We need to right this ship.

Check out sierraclub.org if you have any questions. Join or donate directly to a different local chapter if you would please (this page is for the San Francisco Bay chapter).


Alex Applegate
Everlane copywriter

An anonymous donor is MATCHING EVERY DONATION raised through Team Sierra sites through the end of 2016! Mmmm double up that impact!


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