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Jillian Fulford

This Earth Day is all about celebrating Every Corner of the World! So I'll be celebrating My Corner of the World by taking a hike on April 22. I will hike up Pole Steeple Trail in Cumberland County and text you a picture from the top!

I'm asking for $5 from each friend or family member. Hopefully you can find that in your budget. The idea is, small acts lead to bigger actions for us all. Little things can lead to change!

Let's fight & resist Trump's disastrous policies! Now more than ever we need to protect our planet, stop the denial of climate change and completely realize that if we don't make active steps to change, future generations are at risk.

I care about our Earth and the places we live. The funds you donate will enable the Sierra Club to do things like:

• Provide cleaner, cheaper, energy.
• Protect our land, water, and air – from our backyards to the other side of the globe.
• Save animals being threatened with extinction.
• Make the outdoors accessible for all of us.

As part of #TeamSierra, we have a collective goal to raise $10,000 for Earth Day. Will you help by making a donation?

Each step, in every one of our communities, brings us closer to our collective goal to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the Earth we walk on. Together, let’s see how much ground we can cover across the globe.

If you'd like to learn more about their mission, you can check out sierraclub.org, or participate in their campaigns at addup.org!

Thanks so much!



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